A Constructivist view of Educational Technology

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Professinal Development PowerPoint presentation for high school staff. A look at the definition of constructivism and the major theorists that helped shape the theory. YouTube videos of Teacher and Student perspectives of constructivism are also included within the presentation.


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“A Constructivist view of Educational Technology” : 

“A Constructivist view of Educational Technology” HHS Professional Development

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What is Constructivism? The belief that learning is a personal interpretation of the world. Learners (students) create interpretations of the world based upon their past and current experiences.

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“…a place where learners may work together and support each other as they use a variety of tools and information resources in their pursuit of learning goals and problem-solving activities.” (Wilson, 1995) (Describing the Constructivist Learning Environment)

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The Teacher’s Perspective of Project Based Learning (Constructivism):

Jean Piaget : 

Jean Piaget

Loris Malaguzzi : 

Loris Malaguzzi

Reggio Emilia Approach : 

Reggio Emilia Approach “…children learn from birth that they are competent individuals who are capable of making decisions about their own learning”.

John Dewey : 

John Dewey

Jerome Bruner : 

Jerome Bruner

Seymour Papert : 

Seymour Papert

Lev Vygotsky : 

Lev Vygotsky

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The Student Perspective of Constructivism:

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Benefits of Constructivist Learning: Students have more responsibility over learning. Students play and active role in their learning. Achieves higher level learning. Applies new and previously learned knowledge.

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How can you apply Constructivist Learning into your Classroom?

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