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Community OT based practice with poor children: 

Community OT based practice with poor children ETOS Ergotherapieschule Osnabrueck e.V. Christiane Doermann, Mareike Dohrmann, Frank John


Overview Current situation in Germany Background Project „Die Arche“ Introduction Why this project? Aims of „Die Arche“ Methods Why OT‘s should be involved in this project? Visions for the future

Current situation in Germany: 

Current situation in Germany Till now high standards in the social security system System is changing CBR projects from Germany are mainly for the development aid abroad Desirable to develop CBR projects for OT‘s in Germany


Background UNICEF March 2005: „Children poverty strongly increased in Germany since 1990.“ Children poverty in Germany means: children below the poverty line Major affected people: single parent children, children of immigration families Nearly every 7th child in Germany lives below the poverty line

Project „Die Arche“: 

Project „Die Arche“ Introduction Founded 1995 in Berlin Looking after over 250 children (0-20 years) everyday Financed mostly from donations (more than 95%) Two centres in Berlin, one in Hamburg, one in Munich Responsible body: Christian children and youth organization e.V. in Berlin

Project „Die Arche“: 

Project „Die Arche“ Why have we chosen this project? There are no OT‘s working in CBR projects in Germany. This project is close to the principles of CBR We can see many opportunities for OT‘s to work in this area.

Projekt „Die Arche“: 

Projekt „Die Arche“ Aims: Get the children away from the street Support of life competences such as self-determination and self-responsibility Give the children a good condition for their development (e.g. health, personal, nutrition) Integration into the community

Project „Die Arche“: 

Project „Die Arche“ Methods Children get a hot meal for free Clothing Chamber Homework assistance Support of Health Awareness Learning by playing in order to have more fun and success at school. Youth Camps Prevention of violence through conversations, games etc.

Project „Die Arche“: 

Project „Die Arche“ Why OT‘s should be involved in this project? Poverty has negative consequences on the development of the child OT‘s have special knowledge and abilities in pediatrics, e.g.: To improve the cognitive, physical, social, sensori-motor skills, every-day-life competences, occupational behaviour etc. To involve the environment, social context and culture

Visions for the future: 

Visions for the future Projects with other target groups e.g. Immigrants, homeless people, elderly people etc. Organize own CBR projects


Vision Education should teach: Global aspects of OT Themes like CBR, occupational apartheid and justice Project development/management

Contact details:: 

Contact details: ETOS Ergotherapieschule Osnabrueck e.V. Senator-Wagner-Weg 2 49088 Osnabrueck Germany Christiane Doermann Mareike Dohrmann Frank John Kathrin Loesel Annika Schaekermann Saphira Schlesinger email: enothe-ag@gmx.de

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