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Kazan and its places of interest: 

Kazan and its places of interest

The view of the Kremlin: 

The view of the Kremlin

The Kremlin: 

The Kremlin The Kremlin is the main place of interest in Kazan. It was built after the capture of the city by Ivan the Terrible in 1552 by the architects Shiryaev and Postnik Yakovlev. Since then the Kremlin has been the museum, the centre of management of the Kazan govern. Now it is the residence of the President of Tatarstan, secured by UNESCO.

The mosque of Kul Sharif: 

The mosque of Kul Sharif The mosque of Kul Sharif has been known since 16th century. The contemporary building of the mosque is a regeneration of the original one destroyed after the capture of the Kazan khannate in 1552. Its opening was dedicated to the 1000th anniversary of Kazan. Now the mosque is the most sacred place for religious moslims.

The Suyumbeki Tower: 

The Suyumbeki Tower The Suyumbeki Tower was named after the Khan of Kazan, the wife of Safa-Girei. She was a half-legendary figure of Tatars’ mythology.


Kazan has always been known as the city of students. Nowadays it has kept admitting these words.

Kazan State University: 

Kazan State University Kazan University was founded in 1804 and since then has been the largest centre of science and education. It has produced such splendid scientists as Lobachevsky, Zinin, Butlerov, Bekhterev, Kamai.

Kazan institute of finance and economy: 

Kazan institute of finance and economy Kazan institute of finance and economy is a modern centre of education providing mathematical knowledge.


Kazan is also the city of art. Many theatres are situated here: the Opera and Ballet Theatre, the Theatre of Drama and Comedy, Tatar State Academic Theatre, the Young Spectator’s Theatre.

The Opera and Ballet Theatre: 

The Opera and Ballet Theatre


Kazan has not only the sceneries of the city but also splendid nature. The mosaics of landscapes are practically unique.




Winter Winter is the ‘white’ season because of loads of snow. But this time of the year also has its own pleasance. The frost on the trees and icicles really look like ostrich’s feathers, and the sun is especially bright. This is also the time of holidays and celebrations.




Spring Spring is one of the most favourite and romantic seasons in our country. Spring makes up everyone after long winter. In spring all nature is born anew, as well as feelings wake up in our hearts. It becomes warmer, the sun shines, and snow melts, streams murmur everywhere. Birds arrive and return pleasure and warmth into our souls. The word becomes bright and full of songs of nature. All this beauty brings us spring.




Summer Summer is the most wonderful time of the year. In summer you can relax as much as you want with all your soul. You can see the whole beauty and brightness of nature only in summer. At this amazing time the weather is warm, birds are singing, and flowers are blooming. Summer is the time of fun.




Fall Fall in our country is the season of nature’s death. The leaves fall down, the birds fly away and the day shortens. This is the time when the world darken because of clouds in the sky and rain falling down to the ground.

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