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Martial art is a perfect form of sport involving some particular rules and regulations. The ppt throws light on some major rules and regulations of the mixed martial art that one needs to abide by in order to play it properly. Go through it and learn what all this game entails.


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Mixed Martial Art Rules Regulation A full contact sport that allows a variety of fighting styles to be used including mixed martial arts techniques. These Techniques are: Clinching Takedowns Striking Grappling Illegal moves Submission Holds

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Striking Kickboxing Muay Thai and Boxing strikes are the most popular attacks used in MMA bouts.

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Clinching Clinch holds are primarily taken from judo and wrestling and are used to decrease the effects of the opponent’s attacks or the strikes.

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Takedowns This technique brings an opponent to the ground by forcing them off-balance with the attacker landing on top ready to control strike or submit.

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Grappling Once an opponent is grounded by means of a takedown throw or slip the fighter on top generally gains dominant position and can strike to the head using fists elbows and submissions can emerge from anywhere.

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Illegal Moves Despite its wide-open reputation many rules govern MMA bouts. Contests in the UFC fall under the Unified Rules of MMA regulating under the auspices of US state athletic commissions.

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Submission Holds Submission holds test the limits of joints and tendon strength just as strangle holds and chokes endanger fighters necks and can render victims unconscious.

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