5 Tips For The Brazilian Jiu Jitsu White Belt

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For a white belt participant BJJ training can prove to be a difficult task. In order to successfully undergo the training procedure tips like remaining patient during the initial period, making compromises, undertaking relaxed breathing, avoiding bad positions should be followed. The assistance of YouTube, mates, books and DVDs could also be taken.


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5 Tips For The Brazilian Jiu Jitsu White Belt

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Keep Training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training requires hard work. Especially the early days of your training will be really tough. But with time you will start feeling comfortable.

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Leave Your Ego at the Door The Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gym is not a place for egoists. You will find yourself in uncomfortable situations like loss of privacy. But you will have to make a compromise and deal with the situation.

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Relax and Breathe Slow White belts require suppleness and flexibility during their BJJ training. Breathing should be done in a relaxed manner.

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Focus on the Fundamentals A white belt must focus on his defenses and escapes along with avoiding bad positions.

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Take Notes You can learn the various BJJ training techniques from mates. YouTube can also prove to be a good option for learning BJJ techniques. DVDs and books are another option which can be used.

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