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Martial arts not only teach self defense, but are also practiced for attaining physical fitness and recreation. Some of the most popular styles of martial arts are muay thai, karate, jiu jitsu and MMA (mixed martial arts).


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Overview of Martial Arts Martial arts cover a broad range of activities that involve fighting techniques physical exercises and methods of mental discipline among other skills.

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Types of Martial Arts Styles There are many different styles of martial arts including muay thai karate and jiu jitsu as well as MMA mixed martial arts. Below are definitions of some of the most popular styles.

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Muay Thai A martial art from Thailand which uses stand-up striking and clinching techniques. It makes prominent use of punches kicks elbow strikes and knee strikes.

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Karate A martial art developed in Okinawa Japan that stresses striking techniques such as punching kicking knee and elbow strikes techniques

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Jiu Jitsu A japanese martial art for defeating an armed and armored opponent in which one uses no weapon or only a short weapon.

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Judo Judo is a tremendous and dynamic combat sport that demands both physical prowess and great mental discipline.

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A full contact sport that allows a variety of fighting styles to be used including martial and non-martial arts techniques. Mixed Martial Arts

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