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Презентация «Интересные факты об Олимпийских играх» : 

Презентация «Интересные факты об Олимпийских играх» Выполнена учителем английского языка МОУ-гимназии №12 Беляевой Е.Н.

The Official Olympic Flag : 

The Official Olympic Flag It was created by Pierre de Coubertin in 1914. The Olympic flag contains five interconnected rings on a white background. The five rings symbolize the five significant continents and are interconnected to symbolize the friendship to be gained from these international competitions The Olympic flag was first flown during the 1920 Olympic Games

The Olympic Oath : 

The Olympic Oath Pierre de Coubertin wrote an oath for the athletes to recite at each Olympic Games. During the opening ceremonies, one athlete recites the oath on behalf of all the athletes. The Olympic oath was first taken during the 1920 Olympic Games.

The Olympic Oath: 

The Olympic Oath "In the name of all competitors, I promise that we shall take part in these Olympic Games, respecting and abiding by the rules that govern them, in the true spirit of sportsmanship, for the glory of sport and the honor of our teams."

The Olympic Motto: 

The Olympic Motto Citius, Altius, Fortius "Swifter, Higher, Stronger"

The Olympic Creed : 

The Olympic Creed "The most important thing in the Olympic Games is not to win but to take part, just as the most important thing in life is not the triumph but the struggle. The essential thing is not to have conquered but to have fought well."


In Olympia (Greece), a flame was ignited by the sun and then kept burning until the closing of the Olympic Games. The flame first appeared in the modern Olympics at the 1928 Olympic Games in Amsterdam.


The Olympic flame is lit at the ancient site of Olympia by women wearing ancient-style robes and using a curved mirror and the sun. The Olympic Torch is then passed from runner to runner from the ancient site of Olympia to the Olympic stadium in the hosting city. The flame is then kept alight until the Games have concluded.

The Olympic Hymn, played when the Olympic Flag is raised, was composed by Spyros Samaras and the words added by Kostis Palamas. : 

The Olympic Hymn, played when the Olympic Flag is raised, was composed by Spyros Samaras and the words added by Kostis Palamas.


The Olympic medals are designed especially for each individual Olympic Games by the host city's organizing committee. Each medal must be at least 3 millimeters thick and 60 millimeters in diameter


The last Olympic gold medals that were made entirely out of gold were awarded in 1912 The Real Gold Medals

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