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Pablo Neruda 12 July 1904 – 23 September 1973: 

Pablo Neruda 12 July 1904 – 23 September 1973 Chilean Poet Dramatist Political Activist Nobel Laureate

Pablo Neruda: 

Pablo Neruda Born Neftali Ricardo Reyes Basoalto Mother died shortly after his birth-she was a teacher Father remarried; raised by step-mother in Temuco, Chile Began publishing at 13-articles to the local newspaper “La Mañana,” among them Entusiasmo y Perseverancia-his first poem

Pablo Neruda: 

Pablo Neruda 1920: contributed to the literary journal, “Selva Austral,” under the pen name Pablo Neruda (which he adopted in memory of Czechoslovak poet, Jan Neruda, 1834-1891) 1923: published first book: Crepusculario; also published Veinte poemas de amor y una cancion desesperada (one of his best known and most translated works).

Pablo Neruda: 

Pablo Neruda 1927-1935: placed in charge of honorary consulships which allowed him to travel vastly (especially to Spain) 1933: produced the collection of surrealistic poem, Residencia en la tierra 1937: produced España en el Corazón (in honor of his late friend, F. Garcia Lorca) 1939: appointed consul for the Spanish emigration in Paris, then later in Mexico-where he rewrote Canto General de Chile—this became an epic poem about South America

Pablo Neruda: 

Pablo Neruda 1943: returned to Chile to assume political duties (1945-senator of the Republic and joining the Communist Party of Chile) 1947-1949: lived “under ground” in Chile, then left Chile for Europe until 1952 1954: Las Uvas y el Viento (his exiled diary) 1954-1959: Odas elementales 1959: Cien sonetos de Amor; and Memorial de Isla Negra Arte de pajáros (1966); La Barcarola (1967); Fulgor y muerte de Joaquín Murieta (1967)-a play; Las manos del dia (1968); Fin del mundo (1969); Las piedras del cielo (1970); and La espada encendida (1970).

Pablo Neruda: 

Pablo Neruda 1971: Awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature Neruda poems:

Pablo Neruda: 

Pablo Neruda What does it take to write a good poem? What does it take to be a good poet? Answers? Andy Garcia, reading “Tonight I Can Write” “IL Postino” ©1995 (see film clip #6 and #7)

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