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The face of the workplace has changed dramatically in the last few years Generation X has made it to the workforce Values are different (not better, not worse – just different) Loyalty is to self and family first Compensation and job satisfaction are highly important Work environment is important – employer expectations are high Ability to grow in the work environment & have promotional opportunities is highly important These changes are not going away – Generation Next is up and coming! Keys to Attracting; Recruiting and Retaining Mechanics


How can we respond to these changes? Create a workplace environment that is employee friendly Not one where there is anarchy or a free for all One where accountability is high and leadership qualities are encouraged Management is supportive of employees Share your personal leadership philosophy and vision: Mine are: Professionalism; People; Planning; Priorities Be real – set an example. Treat people the way you would like to be treated. Provide employees something to aspire towards Support promoting the most qualified candidate however, encourage internal promotions by training employees to become “promotable” Our goal is 80 hours of training per employee per year Employ the human touch.


Develop a morale building strategy – We employed the TEAM FLEET concept where employees receive special recognition for extraordinary efforts that support the team A TEAM FLEET logo (our branding) was created This logo is emblazoned on specially marked apparel and personal effects – tokens of appreciation Employees are regularly recognized and can be nominated by anyone who observes their contribution to TEAM FLEET. They receive one of the prizes/gifts with the TEAM FLEET logo. We turned our annual picnic into “Employee Appreciation Day”


Things that I do personally: Acknowledge birthdays: personalized cards in which I write individualized messages; display birthdays on electronic message board Recognize milestones: new babies (team fleet bibs); weddings etc. Send out personalized holiday cards (mailed to employee’s home) Retirement celebrations (employees make voluntary contributions) Wedding Showers (employees make voluntary contributions) Baby Showers (employees make voluntary contributions) Employee of the Year Celebrations Division wide Christmas parties (semi-formal affair)


How can we afford to do these things? Do the research and calculate the cost associated with high employee turnover and excessive vacancies in the mechanic classification Know your costs associated with overtime; lost productivity; contracting out; equipment downtime; lower quality work; come backs; repeat repairs; customer dissatisfaction etc. Be prepared to make the case to the decision makers for financial incentives Hire at competitive salaries where possible – Salaries commensurate with experience and education Give credit for related experience and related education Give incentives for ASE certifications - $100 per certification; $1,000 for ASE Master certification up to $4,000


To improve the applicant pool of qualified mechanics that have a greater potential of remaining in the long term, a referral bonus award program was established. Bonuses are paid to referring employees in the following increments: The referring employee receives $500 for each mechanic candidate that they refer and subsequently is hired The referring employee would receive an additional $500 once the referred candidate successfully competes a probationary period Employees take an active interest in new hires, the workforce becomes more cohesive and retention improves Prior experience indicates that the best referrals have often been word of month from existing employees. Referral/Hiring Bonus Program


Mid way through the probationary period – employee to fills out the “New Employee Check Up” form Purpose is to evaluate our ability to retain qualified, productive, personnel by assessing how well new employees are integrated into the organizational culture. Feedback is used to improve how new employees are assimilated into the workplace improving long term retention (A copy of this form is in the hand-out) New Employee Check Up


Evaluate why employees are leaving and identify areas that could be improved to enable greater long term retention It has often been said that a person joins an organization but leaves a boss. These tools assist us in educating ourselves on ways to make the organization more effective. (A copy of this form is in the hand-out) Exit Interview Form


Currently, 23% of our workforce of 73 mechanics (17) have less than 2.5 years of seniority – Most of those replaced individuals due to promotions, retirement, and death We have maintained a vacancy rate of less than 5% over the last 18 months in this classification Mechanics & Crew Chiefs are “aging, retiring & dying” – 23 are eligible for retirement in the next 5 years – the future presents several challenges How successful have we been –


Strategies for the future: Create a career ladder allowing for progression in the mechanic series: Technician Trainee to Senior Technician to include better mechanic salary range Emphasize formal training program – keep striving to achieve the goal of 80 hours/employee/year Target vocational schools; community colleges and career fairs – send out recruitment video to all as a marketing tool Any questions

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