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Virtual é legal! Márcia Flexa

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Presencial também é legal! Márcia Flexa

Slide 3: (Virtual) Fone e microfoneWebcam Links da Internet Recursos compartilhados (material visual, áudio, vídeo, paper work)

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Site da Almighty! Recursos compartilhados Links da Internet English Experts

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Conversação Interesse e foco principal do aluno (Finance, Trips, Interviews, Proficiency Tests) Teste de nivelamento (Virtual ou Presencial)Estilo aluno (Visual, auditivo, sinestésico...)( Time & Taste Learn to Learn Philosophy

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Inglês funcional (Menos gramatical. Foco no Real English) FuncionalFrases úteis (Expressões idiomáticas)Seu trabalhoCotidianoSuas vontade (viajar, conhecer novidades....)Material:English ExpertsGeneral BooksDicionaryAll that is good!

Slide 7: Let´s Start!

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Do you have a cold? – Você está resfriado? Do you have the flu? – Você está gripado? What have you been up to? – O que você tem feito de bom? If you don’t mind my asking… - Você se ofenderia se eu perguntasse… How do you like the food? – O que você achou da comida? Just out of curiosity… - Só por curiosidade… You haven’t changed a bit. – Você não mudou nada. How’s everything? – Como vão as coisas? I’ve never heard of it. – Eu nunca ouvi sobre isso. We need to keep in touch more often. – Nós precisamos nos falar mais. It was a lot of fun. – Isso foi divertido. Don’t be such a stranger. – Vê se não some. Frases úteis!

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understanding - compreensivomoody - temperamentalreliable - confiáveltrustworthy - confiávelhonest - honestodishonest - desonestointeresting - interessanteboring - chatocaring - carinhosonice - simpáticofriendly - amigávelgenerous - generosojealous - ciumentoenvious - invejosoinsecure - inseguroambitious - ambiciosoanxious - ansiosokind - bondososensible - sensatosensitive - sensívelstubborn - teimosolazy - preguiçosohard-working - trabalhador Adjetivos úteis calm - calmopatient - pacienteintelligent - inteligentesmart - espertowitty - espirituosocunning - astutoneurotic - neuróticodaring - ousadolistless - apáticocynical - cínico sarcastic - sarcásticoironic - irônicoskeptical - céticojoyful - alegreconservative - conservadorsexist - machistapessimistic - pessimistaoptimistic - otimistatolerant - toleranteprejudiced - preconceituoso

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biased - tendenciosowell-informed - bem-informadobrave - corajosopolite - educadoimpolite - mal-educadostrong-willed - determinadoopen-minded - liberaloutgoing - sociávelsociable - sociávelsympathetic - solidárioarrogant - arrogantemean - maldosoclumsy - desajeitadodumb - burroindependent - independentedependent - dependenteorganized - organizadoexperienced - experientenaive - ingênuosincere - sinceroresponsible - responsávelwithdrawn - retraídoreserved - reservado shy - tímidofunny - engraçadoloyal - lealfaithful - fielcurious - curiosoself-serving - interesseirosloppy - relaxadotalented - talentosoself-confident - autoconfiantegorgeous - lindougly - feiobeautiful - bonitahandsome - bonitotall - altoshort - baixosmall - pequenobig - grandelarge - muito grandehuge - enormefat - gordoobese - obesothin - magroskinny - magriceloslim - esbeltowell-built - musculoso, fortefit - saradoreligious - religiosodedicated - dedicadofeisty - briguentohappy - felizglad - contentesad - tristeeasygoing - calmo, fácil de lidar Adjetivos úteis

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Verb To Be Examples. My father is a doctor.Venice and Milan are beautiful cities.What a surprise! We are the first people in the cinema. Madrid isn't in Portugal.They aren't married, they are divorced!I am not very happy today. Are you from Brazil or Argentina?How old are your two sisters?Is it an old dog?

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Verb To Do

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Pronouns Subject Pronouns We use before a verb: I live in Italy.We go to the cinema every Saturday.They don't speak English. Object Pronouns We use after a verb, as a verb's object. I like him.We speak to them every day.He told us in the morning. Possessive Adjectives We use to show possession before nouns. My name is James.His car is blue.Our house is in Liguria Street.

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Início Verbo to be – presenteVerbo to be – passadoVerbo to be – futuroVerbo to be – condicionalVerbo to be – Question tagPresente simplesVerbos importantesPassado simplesVerbos irregularesFuturo simplesCondicional

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Início Pronomes pessoaisPronomes reflexivosPronomes demonstrativos / possessivosPossessive casePronomes InterrogativosPronomes relativosPronomes indefinidos

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Início Pronomes pessoaisPronomes reflexivosPronomes demonstrativos / possessivosPossessive casePronomes InterrogativosPronomes relativosPronomes indefinidos

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Chat about Your Life! Your Life 1. Getting Started2. Going Beyond Hello3. Being Home4. Describing Family Ties5. Eating and Drinking 6. Exploring Daily Habits7. Being Yourself8. Staying Healthy9. Parenting10. Making and Keeping Friends 11. Loving Dogs and Pets12. Cats and More Cats. 13. Pet Peeves

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Chat about Free Time! Free Time 1. Traveling2. California Calling3. Reading Pleasures and Tastes4. Moving to Music5. Talking about Television6. Talking about Movies7. Talking about Movies - The Sequel8. Playing and Watching Sports9. Gardening10. Enjoying the Beach 11. Holidays and Celebrations

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Chat about Modern Times! Modern Times 1. What Do You Think?2. Change3. Clothes and Fashion4. Appreciating Physical Beauty5. Dating6. Enjoying Money7. Eating OUt8. Gambling and Spending Money9. Do You Match?10. Handling Stress

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Chat about Civic Life! Civic Life 1. Practicing Job Interviews2. Reflecting on Work relationships3. Learning in School4. Studying English5. Coming to America 6. Exploring American Culture7. Exploring Cities8. Driving Cars9. Crime and Punishment10. Voting and Choosing Leaders 11. Searching for Heroes

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Virtual é legal! Márcia Flexa To be continued ...

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