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Movies + DJ’s: 

Movies + DJ’s Concept DJ’s create completely new film experiences by remixing movie soundtracks Extend the mix/mash-up trend to a new level Use big-name DJ’s (LTJ Bukem, Grooverider, Premier, Clue, DieselBoy, etc…) with cult favorite movies (Scarface, the Matrix, library of campy Kung-Fu classics)\ Combines the thrill of your favorite movies with songs that send shivers up your spines – an aural and visual experience beyond the original The soundtrack is now a character in the movie 3 Principal Targets Music fans Hip-Hop, Drum & Bass, underground DJ culture Movie fanatics Gangster films, campy classics (Kung-Fu, Horror, science fiction), Anime, etc… Trendsetters and geeks worldwide It’s new, no one is doing it…reason enough

Genres that would work: 

Genres that would work Concept should focus on various genres of film - films that have garnered close to cult-like status Science fiction Horror Kung-Fu Anime Classics Gangster Westerns?

Possible match ups: 

Possible match ups

Obstacles and Solutions: 

Obstacles and Solutions

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