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Marc Blazejowski – Top Cop Marc Blazejowski is a retired police officer that worked for the Bristol Connecticut Police Department. His career was marked with a number of great achievements and he is proud of the department and the people behind it. The Bristol Police Department serves a population of just about 65,000 citizens and covers more than 27 square miles. Its sworn police officers and civilian personnel have protected the laws, peace and citizens of the city since 1893.


Marc Blazejowski – on Being a Social Worker Marc Blazejowski is a former decorated policeman that is now retired. He served in his hometown police department in the town of Bristol CT in their respected police department. He is now on the path to becoming a social worker, pursuing a pair of advanced degrees in criminology and social work at the Central Connecticut State University. Many people wonder about social work and it’s something Blazejowski openly shares. This is a helping profession which requires a number of skills he honed on the job as an officer of the law.


Marc Blazejowski – Work with Youth Marc Blazejowski is a successful individual that also happens to be a former Bristol, Connecticut police officer. Now retired from that profession, he is in pursuit of a pair of advanced degrees in criminal justice and social work from the Central Connecticut State University, where he anticipates graduating from in December 2015. His goal is to become a social worker and work with youth of all ages. He will rely on the skills and relationships he built as a police officer, combined with the educational knowledge that comes from his advanced study.


Marc Blazejowski is a former police officer that has always regarded his education as a high priority. He has continued this path of individual knowledge and betterment since his early career on to today. This education has been instrumental throughout the course of his work both as a police officer, and as it sits today, as a student on his way to an advanced degree, two degrees actually, on the road to being a public service social worker. He is studying at the Central Connecticut State University and is pursuing degrees in the specialties of social work and criminology. He is expected to graduate in December of 2015. Marc Blazejowski - Education is key


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