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As a developing metropolitan city, Chennai has issues like pollution and other strategic and financial issues. Tamils structure most of Chennai city population. The population density of the city of Chennai is 17,000 people per square kilometre...


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History of Chennai ● The history of Chennai illustrates that the city is about 400 years old and is also the 36th metropolitan city all across the world. ● The historical past of the city begins from the ancient rulers which were there in South India through colonization to the development in the 20th century. ● When India got independence in 1947 the city was declared the capital of the Madras State which was renamed as Tamil Nadu in 1969.

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Geography Of chennai ● Chennai is located on the south–eastern coast of India in the north–eastern part of Tamil Nadu on a flat coastal plain known as the Eastern Coastal Plains. ● Its average elevation is around 6.7 metres 22 ft and its highest point is 60 m 200 ft. Chennai is 2184 kilometres 1357 mi south of Delhi 1337 kilometres 831 mi southeast of Mumbai and 345 kilometres 214 mi east of Bangalore by road. ● Adyar and Cooum rivers are heavily polluted with effluents and waste from domestic and commercial sources.

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Climate In chennai Chennai has a tropical wet and dry climate. The city lies on the thermal equator and is also on the coast which prevents extreme variation in seasonal temperature. The hottest part of the year is late May to early June known regionally as Agni Nakshatram "fire star" or as Kathiri Veyyil with maximum temperatures around 35–40 °C 95–104 °F.

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Fairs And Festivals ● India the land of cultures traditions and diversity has yet another facet of its varying nature hidden in Chennai the Gateway of South. The hustling and bustling metropolitan city swirling on the tunes of daily activities Chennai has a marvellous traditional culture marked by commemoration of several festivals and fairs. ● An integral part of the socio-cultural feasts of Chennai these festivals provide respite from the humdrum of the city and are looked forward to by both the residents as well as the tourists.

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Natyanjali Dance Festival The Cosmic Dancer Lord Nataraja is paid special tribute every year on the tremendous occasion of Natyanjali Festival held in Chidambaram near the city of Chennai. The five day long festival falls in the months of February-March and is the magnificent to attend.

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Dance and Music Festival The South Indian Classical form of music known as the Carnatic Music and the classical dance of Chennai are adored in this festival. The Dance and Music festival of Chennai famous as Margazhi Festival of Dance and Music is held during mid December to mid January at various places in the city and attracts a host of performing art enthusiasts.

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Pongal Chennai Pongal the harvest festival of South India known as an Indian version of western thanksgiving festival is one of the major festivals celebrated in the Chennai city of India. Commemorated in the month of January the festival marks the end of the traditional farming season and represents reverence for the new beginning.

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Economy Of Chennai ● Recent estimates of the economy of the entire Chennai Metropolitan Area range from 78.6 to 86 billion PPP GDP ranking it from fourth- to sixth-most productive metro area of India. Chennai has a broad industrial base in the automobile computer technology hardware manufacturing and healthcare sectors. ● The city also serves as the location of the Madras Stock Exchange Indias fourth stock exchange one of four permanently recognised by SEBI.

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Demographics A resident of Chennai is called a Chennaite. According to 2011 census the city had a population of 4646732 within the area administered by the Municipal Corporation that had 11 lakh households with 51 of them living in rented houses. Tamils form the majority of Chennais population. English is spoken largely by white-collar workers often mixed into Tamil. As per the religious census of 2011 Chennais population was 80.7 Hindu 9.5 Muslim 7.7 Christian 1.1 Jain 0.1 Sikh 0.1 Buddhist 0.1 following other religions and 0.8 following no religion or did not indicate any religious preference.

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Population Of Chennai 2019 To find out the population of Chennai city in 2020 the population of the last 5 years is required. They are as follows: https:/ / tml

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