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X Factor UK 2018 auditions have started. If you dream to be the next X-factor in the UK, it’s better to start early.


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X FACTOR Auditions

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About X Factor The X Factor is a television music competition franchise created by British producer Simon Cowell and his company SYCOtv. It originated in the United Kingdom where it was devised as a replacement for Pop Idol 2001– 2003 and has been adapted in various countries. The "X Factor" of the title refers to the indefinable "something" that makes for star quality. The prize is usually a recording contract in addition to the publicity that appearance in the later stages of the show itself generates not only for the winner but also for other highly ranked contestants. Unlike Idol where the judges only critique the contestants performances on The X Factor each judge "mentors" the finalists in a particular category aiding them with song selection and styling while also participating together in judging the contestants in the other categories.

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Legal dispute: - Simon Fuller the creator of Pop Idol claimed that the format of The X Factor was copied from his own show. Through his company 19 TV Fuller filed a lawsuit against The X Factor producers Fremantle Media The X Factor creator Simon Cowell and Cowells companies Simco and Syco. A High Court hearing began in London in November 2005 and the outcome was awaited with interest by media lawyers for its potential effect on the legal situation regarding the copyrighting of formats. However the hearing was quickly adjourned and an out-of-court settlement was reached at the end of the month. The X Factor franchise requires every X Factor Contract: - contestant to sign a contract and "sign over their lives" in order to move forward in the competition. Therefore all the choosing and picking between contestants that the celebrity judges do on television is actually pre- determined before airing. Some of the conditions included in this contract include signing over your recording rights allowing The X Factor to monitor your behavior during your time in the competition and if you are eliminated and wish to audition for another TV show you must have the permission from the entire franchise.

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The Danish version has been criticized by Danish music Denmark: - contract expert and consultant for The Danish Musicians Association Dansk Musiker Forbund Mikael Højris. According to Højris the contracts for participation in the show are unfair for participants and almost amount to serfdom to DR1 the channel airing the show stating that clauses in the contracts forbid the participants – whether they pass the first round or not – from performing or participating in any other musical event for three months. He also criticizes that participants are obliged to travel at their own expense.

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The X Factor U.K. TV Series It is broadcast on the ITV network in the UK and simulcast on TV3 in Ireland. "X Factor" refers to the indefinable "something" that makes for star quality. The series consists of auditions boot camp judges houses several weeks of live shows semi-finals and the final. The series had a spin-off behind-the-scenes show called The Extra Factor which aired directly after the main show on ITV2. This lasted for the first thirteen series when it was cancelled by ITV in January 2017. There have been 14 winners of the show to date: Steve Brookstein Shayne Ward Leona Lewis Leon Jackson Alexandra Burke Joe McElderry Matt Cardle Little Mix James Arthur Sam Bailey Ben Haenow Louisa Johnson Matt Terry and Rak-Su. Winners receive a recording contract with record label Syco Music with a stated value of £1 million. The sixth series attracted 200000 auditioned and peaked at 19.7 million UK viewers a 63.2 audience share. More than 10 million votes were cast in the sixth series final.

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Categories: - For series 1–3 the competition was split into three categories: 16– 24s solo acts aged 16–24 Over 25s solo acts aged 25 and over and Groups including duos. In series 4–5 the minimum age was lowered to 14 creating of 14–24 age groups. With the addition of a fourth judge in series 4 this was split into separate male and female sections making four categories in all: "Boys" 14–24 males "Girls" 14–24 females Over 25s and Groups. For series 6 the minimum age returned to 16 meaning that the Boys category became 16–24 males and the Girls category became 16–24 females. For series 7 the age group boundaries were changed and the Over 25s became Over 28s with the Boys and Girls categories becoming 16–28. It was changed back to Over 25s for series 8 before reverting to Over 28s in series 9. In series 10 it became the Over 25s again. In series 11 the minimum age returned to 14. In all series apart from series 12 the shows producers decided which judge mentored which category. In the 12th series the public chose which judge mentored which category via a Twitter vote.

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This helps to boost ratings and add some fun into Novelty acts: - the live shows although they tend to be controversial due to the show being primarily a singing competition. Some of the popular novelty acts to appear on the show include Rhydian Roberts Johnny Robinson Rylan Clark Diva Fever Chico Slimani Wagner Stevi Ritchie Seann Miley Moore Honey G and Jedward. These tend to be predominantly in the Overs category and occasionally in the Groups. For series 9 of the X Factor judge Gary Barlow reportedly had an issue with the Overs category which he had been chosen to mentor. A source stated: "Gary doesnt like joke acts and the Overs category is often full of novelty acts." Stages: - There are five stages to the competition: Producers auditions – these auditions are un-televised and Stage 1: decide who will sing in front of the judges Judges auditions – either in an audition room series 1–5 13– Stage 2: 14 an arena series 6–9 12 15 or both series 10–11

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Boot camp – a series of challenges and knockout rounds series Stage 3: 1–9 the Six-Chair Challenge series 10–11 or both series 12 Judges houses – either pre-recorded series 1–11 13 or live Stage 4: series 12 Live shows finals Stage 5: Note: In series 10–11 the Boot camp round was shortened to only several minutes and was broadcast before the start of the Six-Chair Challenge. A round of first auditions is held in front of producer’s Auditions: - months before the show is aired either by application and appointment or at "open" auditions that anyone can attend. These auditions held at various venues around the UK attract very large crowds. The auditions themselves are not televised but shots of crowds waving and "judges cars" arriving are filmed and later spliced in with the televised auditions shot later in the year. The production team supplies the crowds with "home-made" signs. After waiting at the venue for hours and filming more inserts of screaming and waving candidates are given a brief audition by someone from the production team.

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X Factor U.K. 2019 Auditions Details X FACTOR UK 2019 AUDITIONS: X Factor UK 2018 auditions have started. If you dream to be the next X factor in UK it’s better to start early. X FACTOR UK 2019 AUDITIONS REQUIREMENT: Based on the previous season below are the expected requirements: Check here http://xfactor2019auditions.com/x-factor-uk-2019-auditions.html

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