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The latest Express Entry draw score announced by the IRCC on 3rd April 2019 was 451. This means that all those candidates who were able to score 457 points out of 1200 were sent ITAs (invitation to apply)


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Canada Express Entry Latest Draw 2019 The first step of getting a Permanent Residency PR Status is an evaluation of your point based score before the application is submitted to be assessed. Knowing your Comprehensive Ranking System CRS score well in advance can also help you enhance your score well in advance before the immigration process even starts. The immigration to Canada requires the candidates to be a part of the point based assessment model which ranks the candidates against other aspiring candidates for migration to the country. For this purpose the comprehensive ranking system CRS tool is used. It is an immigration tool designed by the IRCC Immigration refugee and Citizenship Canada to calculate the points of those candidates who plan to immigrate through the express entry program system of immigration. The procedure includes the candidate creating a profile in the express entry system as per which all the applications are put in the express entry pool. From the pool the Candidate’s points are calculated based on the basis of age language competency work experience and education.

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In the Express Entry Program there are three sub-categories – Federal Skilled Workers Program FSWP Federal Skilled Trades ProgramFSTP and Canadian Experience Class CEC. For the Federal Skilled workers program there is a minimum score requirement of 67 points. Comprehensive Ranking System Points score for Express Entry Program. Once the application of the candidate reaches the express entry pool then the evaluation of the application starts and individuals are ranked. The total point score which is based on six selection factors is called the CRS score of the candidate. These scores are calculated out of 1200 points and the minimum required score is announced through Express Entry Draws. Express Entry Draws are announced after reviewing the applications in the pool and they are published after 15 days generally. It is decided by the IRCC what would be the next express entry draw score. The latest Express Entry draw score announced by the IRCC on 3rd April 2019 was 451. This means that all those candidates who were able to score 457 points out of 1200 were sent ITAs invitation to apply

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The point evaluation factors of the Comprehensive Ranking System CRS score are – • Human Core Capital • Spouse or common-law partner • Skill Transferability • Bonus Points The points are calculated as per – Factors Points Human Core Capital 500 460 + 40 in case of a spouse or Common law partner Skill Transferability 100 Provincial Nomination 600 Arranged employment 200 Canada Study experience 30 Language proficiency 30 Human Core capital - This factor there is an assessment of the personal skills and the ability of the candidates. In this category the candidate can take advantage of the spouse’s education language competency and education if the spouse is skilled and capable. Otherwise for single applicants it is their competencies which are judged as per the Canada immigration standards. The calculation of points in the Human Core Capital factor is as follows – Factor Married Single Age 100 110 Education 140 150 Language Competency 150 160 Work Experience 70 80

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The Spouse point calculator- Factor Points Education 10 Language Competency 20 Work Experience 10 The Human Core Capital Fundamentals can further be understood through the following table Factors Highest Scoring Areas Married Highest Scoring Areas Single Age 20 to 29 20 to 29 Education One-year diploma – 84 Two-year diploma - 91 Bachelor’s degree - 112 Master’s degree - 126 Doctorate Degree -140 One-year diploma - 90 Two-year diploma - 98 Bachelor’s degree - 120 Master’s degree - 135 Doctorate Degree - 150 Language CLB 7 - 16 CLB 8 – 22 CLB 9 – 29 CLB 10 – 32 CLB 7 - 17 CLB 8 –23 CLB 9- 31 CLB 10 -34 Work Experience One year - 35 Two years - 46 Three years - 56 Four years - 63 Five years or more – 70 One year - 40 Two years - 53 Three years - 64 Four years - 72 Five years or more - 80 Skill Transferability - In this category the candidate is scored as per the skills for which two primary skills are combined for point calculation. Either the Language or work experience is put together for score calculation or language and education is put together or there is another possibility of combining education and work experience. For trade occupations there is a piece of good news as with a functional language score there can be a high point score that can be achieved in this category.

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Factors Points Education High language skills and a post- graduate degree 50 Canadian work experience and a post- graduation degree 50 Good language skills and certificate of language qualification 50 Canadian work Experience with Foreign work experience 50 Good language score with foreign work experience 50 Bonus Points – As the immigration process is very competitive attaining extra points in the point calculation can help the candidate immensely in the immigration proceedings. The higher the points the better are the immigration chances of the candidate. The additional Points are calculated as per the following factors – Factor Points Education in Canada Post-secondary 30 Arranged Employment 200 Provincial Nomination 600 French language competency 30 Siblings in Canada 15 What will happen if the candidate is unable to meet the Comprehensive Ranking System score requirements If you fail to meet the CRS point score requirement for qualifying in the Express Entry program then you need not to lose hope. You can always choose the next best alternative in that case – The Provincial Nomination Program PNP. The Provincial Nomination program is the right that has been given to every province to nominate the aspiring candidates in its province as per the labor market requirements and occupation in demand in their regions. Further the candidates who are selected through the PNP nomination are also allowed 600 bonus points in the express entry system. Hence it is a lucrative situation for all aspiring candidates.

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Another way is that the candidate can try and increase the CRS score points and wait for his turn of selection for immigration in the next draw the best way to improve the test Score is through repeated IELTS exam after adequate preparation. Or you can use your spouse score to increase your points in case that step was not taken by the candidate earlier. Signature Visas is partnered with ICCRC Lawyers and can help you in the pre- assessment of your application through the mentorship of experts who adept in their craft. There are separate departments for processing documentation and filing of the Permanent Residency PR application. Hence the candidate can be assured of multiple assessments before the application is finally submitted for evaluation. Contact - 91-11-40109888 Office Mobile: 991165 9888 For more details click here: draw

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