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What is RECRUITMENT ? Recruitment is a process of mutual selection involving a sorority and a Potential New Member, or PNM. Recruitment is a week long series of on-campus events where chapters get to know PNMs and PNMs get to know the women of the chapters. Recruitment is the beginning of the lifelong bond of S I S T E R H O O D.


When is RECRUITMENT ? Recruitment takes place the week of Monday, January 7th and continues through Sunday, January 13th, which is B I D D A Y! Your residence hall will be open as of Sunday, January 6th. There will be a meeting the evening of the 7th to kick off RECRUITMENT. All meals will be provided for PNMs throughout the week.

What’s a Recruitment Counselor ? : 

What’s a Recruitment Counselor ? A Recruitment Counselor is a woman who is already a member of a sorority who will help you through the recruitment process- answering your questions, getting you to the right place at the right time, etc. Every PNM will be assigned to a Recruitment Group with about 10 other PNMs in mid-November. PNMs will meet with their groups on Monday, November 20th as well as every day during RECRUITMENT.

What are the ON-CAMPUS EVENTS?: 

What are the ON-CAMPUS EVENTS? All of the events are held on main campus. Each of the 9 sororities will host these events, separately. The events will give the sororities and the PNMs the opportunity to get to know one another. There are 4 different event rounds, each with a different theme or activity.


OPEN ROUND PNMs attend all 9 events. General presentations will be given on scholarship, leadership, service, ritual, and social events. PHILANTHROPY ROUND PNMs attend up to 6 events. Each sorority will explain the organization(s) that they raise money and volunteer for. PNMs will participate in an activity for the philanthropy.


THEME ROUND PNMs attend up to 4 events. There is a ‘party’ like atmosphere. Very casual event where PNMs get to meet a lot of sisters. Financial commitment will be discussed. PREFERENCE ROUND PNMs attend 2 events. PNMs will have the chance to witness a sorority ritual.


Nickname- Alpha Chi Letters- ACW Philanthropy-The Fight Against Domestic Violence Colors- Red and Green Symbols- Lyre and the Carnation ACW Alpha Chi Omega


Nickname- ADPi Letters- ADP Philanthropy- Ronald McDonald House Colors- Blue and White Symbols- “Alphie” the Lion ADP Alpha Delta Pi


Nickname- Alpha Phi Letters- AF Philanthropy- Cardiac Care Colors- Silver and Bordeaux Symbols- Ivy and Forget-Me-Nots AF Alpha Phi


Nickname- Chi-O Letters- CW Philanthropy- Make a Wish Foundation Colors- Cardinal Red and Straw Yellow Symbol- Owl CW Chi Omega


Nickname- Tri-Delta Letters- DDD Philanthropy- St. Jude’s Colors- Blue and Yellow Symbols- Stars and Crescents DDD Delta Delta Delta


Nickname- DG Letters- DG Philanthropy- Service for Sight, Aid to the Blind Colors- Pink and Blue Symbol- Anchor & Hannah Doll DG Delta Gamma


Nickname- KD Letters- KD Philanthropy- Girl Scouts of America & Children’s Hospital Colors- Green and White Symbol- Nautilus Shell KD Kappa Delta


Nickname- Kappa Letters- KKG Philanthropy- Breast Cancer Awareness Color- Dark Blue & Light Blue Symbols- Key and Owl KKG Kappa Kappa Gamma


Nickname- Pi Phi Letters- PBF Philanthropy- Links to Literacy Colors- Wine and Silver Blue Symbols- Arrow and Angel PBF Pi Beta Phi


AKA Alpha Kappa Alpha Nickname- AKA Letters- AKA Philanthropy- Educational Advancement Foundation Colors- Apple Green and Salmon Pink Symbols- Ivy Leaf


LTA Nickname- Lambda Theta Letters- LTA Philanthropy- F.U.T.U.R.O (Focused Urban Teens United and Ready for Opportunity). Colors- Burgendy and Gray Symbols- The Pear and The Palm The Interested Ladies of Lambda Theta Alpha Sorority Inc.

How Much Does It Cost?: 

How Much Does It Cost? $110 application fee for RECRUITMENT registration. Chapter dues are approximately $250-$350 per semester, depending on the chapter. Be sure to ask each sorority exactly what is included in the dues (i.e., national dues, social events, etc.). There will also be one-time fees included in first semester New Member dues.

How Do I Register for RECRUITMENT?: 

How Do I Register for RECRUITMENT? Starting October 3rd go to and register online! In order to participate in Recruitment you must have registered online by 5pm on Tuesday, November 14th. When applying online, read everything carefully and don’t forget to sign the disclaimer!!! Don’t forget to register for Break Housing on Novasis! $110 RECRUITMENT fee: paid check or cash

What Will a Sorority Provide for ME?: 

What Will a Sorority Provide for ME?


Some important Dates to Remember: November 14: LAST DAY TO REGISTER FOR RECRUITMENT November 28: PNM Info Night, 7:30 in the Villanova Room– Learn more details, learn what to wear and, meet your Recruitment Counselor! Look for Greek events on campus throughout the semester! ANY QUESTIONS?

Contact Us: 

Contact Us The Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life (OFSL) is located in the basement of Corr Hall.

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