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This ppt gives you basic knowledge and ideas to implement 5S at your workplace. 5S is a system which aims at enhancing quality, safety, material management and time management.


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5S - A Systematic Approach Towards Our Work and Life:

9 November 2014 1 5S - A Systematic Approach Towards Our Work a nd Life


WHAT IS 5 S? 9 November 2014 2 5 S is a system that can be followed to improve the Productivity, E nvironment, Safety and M agnificence of our workplace.


WHY THE NAME 5 S? 9 November 2014 3 区分する 置く 磨く 標準化する 維持する

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9 November 2014 4 Sort out and get rid of unwanted items. 2S : SEITON – SET IN ORDER 1S : SEIRI – SORT Organise the necessary/wanted items. 3S : SEISO - CLEANLINESS/SHINE Maintain cleanliness in the workplace 4S : SEIKETSU - STANDARDISE Standardise and regularise 1S, 2S and 3S 5S – SHITSUKE - SUSTAIN Practice 5S everyday


1S - SEIRI 9 November 2014 5 MATERIALS/ITEMS Wanted Unwanted How does an item become a waste/unwanted ? An item becomes unwanted when it is- Outdated / Obsolete Surplus Not related to activity Broken down Set in order Red-tag the item

RED-TAGGING: A Tool For Seiri:

9 November 2014 6 What is Red-Tagging? Red Tagging is a method of identifying and analysing waste/unwanted material. How to do Red-Tagging ? A Red Tag is tied on every material that is found to a waste/unused. Following information have to be filled up in a Red Tag Category of item (Machinery, Tool, Consumable, Raw Materials, Spare parts, etc.) Reason for Red-tagging that particular item (Surplus, Broken Down, Obsolete, Reject, etc.) Action Plan to clear the Red-Tag (Repair, Rework, Divert for a different application, Scrap) Responsibility and target date for removal of the Red-tagged item. Red-Tag can be removed once an action plan is taken. Maintain a monthly record of Red-Tagging. RED-TAGGING: A Tool For Seiri

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9 November 2014 7 Why should we carry out Red-Tagging? What are the benefits? Analysis of Red-Tagged items provides us following information: Number/Quantity of items getting considered as unwanted per month Category/Type of items which are more likely/prone to get Red-Tagged More likely reasons due to which items are getting Red-Tagging Action Plan taken on clearing Red-Tagged item(s) Above information gives the status of items going away as waste/unwanted. Systematic analysis of obtained data and appropriate action plan will lead to improvement in Quality, Safety and finally Cost reduction.


2S - SEITON 9 November 2014 8 A place for everything and everything in its place . How to designate place for an item? Item should be given a place where it is convenient for retrieval and keeping it back after use. Item should be kept close/handy to the place of process in which it will be used. Appropriate systems such as FIFO (First In First Out), size-wise, alphabetical arrangements, etc . can be followed


TOOLS FOR SEITON 9 November 2014 9 Visual Display – includes labels, notice boards, etc. intending to convey a message or instruction regarding that particular place. Visual Control – is symbolic manner of conveying the situation in the workplace, which includes barricades, signals, visual indicators, etc. Shadow Board/Marking – is the marking done in the shape of the item which is kept in that particular place.

Visual Display:

Visual Display 9 November 2014 10 Visual Display is a manner of conveying a message or instruction with the help of labels, boards, etc. An installed Visual Display should- be at a position convenient for the viewer contain all necessary information / instruction clearly h ave legible, uniform and standardised Font/Size/Color b e in a local language also be updated and relevant to the situation

Examples of Visual Display:

Examples of Visual D isplay 9 November 2014 11 Mr. ABC

Visual Control:

Visual Control 9 November 2014 12 Visual Control is a symbolic/pictorial manner of conveying an instruction/situation. An installed Visual Control should- clearly depict the situation be at a position convenient for the viewer contain all necessary information / instruction clearly Colors/Shapes/Objects used for the setting up a Visual Control and its position should be understandable for the viewer

Some Other Examples of Visual Control:

Some Other Examples of Visual Control 9 November 2014 13

Shadow Board/Marking:

Shadow Board/Marking 9 November 2014 14 Shadow Board/Marking is made to ensure that item is placed back in its designated placed after its use (if relocated). All items must be assigned places before making a shadow board or marking. (Refer Slide No. 8) A Shadow Board/Marking should- be made with a color that is easily differentiable and visible on the background be in the shape of the item

Some examples of Shadow Marking/Board:

Some examples of Shadow Marking/Board 9 November 2014 15

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9 November 2014 18 Visual Display Visual Control Shadow Marking/Board Seiton Tools Eliminates Confusions Eliminates Searching Eliminates misplacing of items Facilitates easy access Facilitates easy identification of items Eliminates a sking others Gives a clear idea about the situation and instructions to be followed in that particular area


3S - SEISO 9 November 2014 17 Maintain cleanliness in your workplace regularly. Cleaning process can be more better and simpler by making up a cleaning schedule and responsibility matrix. Clean workplace also enhances safety and finally creates a liking in one mind toward his/her workplace. Cleanliness in next to Godliness

PHOTOGRAPHY: A tool for evaluation:

PHOTOGRAPHY: A tool for evaluation 9 November 2014 18 Photography makes a viewer external to the situation, thus it becomes easier to view the flaws. Difference depicted between photographs clicked before and after implementation of 5S helps us in evaluating our 5S performance. Photographs can be maintained as 5S records for evaluation and reference. BEFORE AFTER

Depiction of stages of improvement :

9 November 2014 19 Date- 13/03/2012 Date- 13/03/2012 Date- 13/03/2012 Date- 23/04/2012 Depiction of stages of improvement


4S - SEIKETSU 9 November 2014 20 Seiri , Seiton and Seiso which is already planned and implemented should be standardised. Proper standardization can be achieved by- Identifying areas of workplace that is prone to be disorder/ disorganisation Preparing action plan and time frame to manage such issue Identifying team members to implement action plan Preparing activity schedule and responsibility matrix Implementing and Evaluating the activities Taking corrective actions in case of discrepancy Framing appropriate standard practices to avoid and mitigate disorder / disorganisation


5S - SHITSUKE 9 November 2014 21 Make 5S a habit to sustain it. 5S should be made a daily practice. 5S is sustained by conducting regular internal audits by members working in that particular workplace b y reviewing, evaluating on complying to the audit findings

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9 November 2014 26 Internal Audit Conduct internal audit to check the effectiveness of 5S implementation. Internal Audit should be conducted by the Zone members working in the same zone. Points to remember- D ecide the frequency of internal audit All criteria of 1S, 2S, 3S, 4S and 5S should be checked and evaluated Audit should be unbiased Audit findings of a particular area should be communicated to the person responsible for 5S implementation of that particular area Auditors must give clear explanation for the findings made Compliance/Closure of previous audit findings should be checked by auditors during current audit One of the auditors from previous audit should be in one of the auditor in current audit

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9 November 2014 25 The PDCA Cycle Plan- Formation of 5S team, allotment of 5S responsibilities, Preparing schedule of 5S activities Do- Practicing 5S activities as per the plan Check- Conducting Internal Audit to check effectiveness of 5S implementation Act- Taking appropriate actions on Audit Findings

5S is a Teamwork….:

5S is a Teamwork…. 9 November 2014 24 5S team should include everyone who are a part of that particular workplace. Conduct regular 5S meeting with the team to make a schedule and responsibility matrix for effective implementation of 5S. Also discuss the findings obtained from Internal Audit. Conduct Brain-Storming sessions for dealing with problems. Teamwork/ Team discussion facilitates- New ideas and various interpretations towards a situation/problem Complete involvement by all people and fair distribution work

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TANGIBLE BENEFITS Saves Time Cost reduction Less Wastage Enhanced Quality Enhanced Safety INTANGIBLE BENEFITS Creates a positive impression on customers and visitors Creates a positive and a healthy atmosphere, thus making the employees feel better to work there. Increases efficiency of the organisation. 9 November 2014 25 Finally it contributes in creating an efficient and competitive organisation, of which all the members/employees are the beneficiaries . What are the benefits of 5S?

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9 November 2014 30 5S divides work… Multiplies success… And Unites people… Isn’t it???

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9 November 2014 27 Any Questions?

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9 November 2014 28 Thank You…

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