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The Easiest Way to Stay Healthy MANAGER UP Everyone dreams of becoming a successful and a busy manager or an executive however no one dreams of living a healthy lifestyle. A busy lifestyle can have an adverse effect on their health if they do not live a healthy lifestyle or at least 20-30 minute of regular exercise is not in their weekly list of activities. More than anything else top executives and managers need to be physically fit and have a great stamina to survive in today’s fast-paced life. Else their dreams of staying on top and in power can be shattered with untimely health problems. So how can a busy executive retain their productivity in the workplace remain charged up all day long and yet have energy left at the end of the day to enjoy family life

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It is a fact that doing regular exercise isn’t everyone’s cup of tea as generally people are excited at the start of regular exercise program but soon they begin to lose interest or inclination to make efforts and stay healthy. It has been shown that unless you have the willpower or a strong incentive to counter the negative thought of not sticking with the fitness program you will abandon the exercise soon. To stay productive in the workplace or in life here are some of the most important health and fitness tips that the managers can follow to stay healthy and stay in the race. 1- Regular Sleep – It is understandable that high-flying executive and managers are always on the move but still getting that much-needed 6-8 hours sleep is must for the body to regain lost energy and for the cells to regenerate. Without proper sleep managers can feel lethargic and experience the effect of jet lag drastically. 2- Do not skip Breakfast – A quick grab of a snack or few bites of pizza while on way to the office isn’t going to provide you with energy to start your day. To break the overnight fast in the morning start with a healthy diet. Taking yogurt eggs oats or milk as breakfast keeps your body happy and energized. It is recommended to follow a high protein and low carb diet plan every morning.

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3- Regular exercise – Staying fit requires committed approach in not only adopting a healthy diet but also following a regular exercise plan. If you have an erratic work schedule adopting these simple routines like taking stairs instead of the elevators or walking as much as you can instead of using your car go a long way in compensating for less exercise routine. We need to get out of the mindset that exercise can only be done in a gym or with a professional trainer. Yes we cannot discount both but for a busy executive there are various other options available for staying fit such as yoga breathing exercise for executives’ online programs easy exercises to do at home or in office videos or even the best workout training DVDs available online. Nowadays high-flying executives or busy managers can even hire a personal trainer who will

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visit your home and teach you the techniques along with preparing a weekly diet plan. 4- Drink water frequently – Whether you are a successful manager or a junior level executive your body is made up of almost 70 water. That is why it is recommended to drink plenty of water throughout the day to remain fresh and rejuvenated. Without water the body becomes dehydrated the productivity of the body functions become low and the person feels less energetic as the overall energy level goes down. That is why it is said that to stay healthy and energetic all through the day drink water frequently. It is difficult to maintain a healthy balance between professional and personal life unless you remain active and energetic to meet the work and family demands. Cheers to a healthy and a successful life Thank You Managerup

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