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At Box Printing Company, we can offer an arsenal of pre-made templates for you to choose from as well as the ability to design your own as our highly-dedicated and skilled team of experts is extremely well practiced in helping customers come up with their own unique design that can fit their tastes and specifications exactly. Not only do we offer professional-grade custom boxes for all your packaging needs, but we also offer free paper samples and free custom printed mock-up samples to make certain that you are adequately satisfied with your custom packaging as we make a point to ensure the satisfaction of all our clients.


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Custom Printed Boxes and Packaging Services

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Custom Boxes Packaging Style Custom CBD Petcare Products Printed Boxes and Packaging CBD products for pets are undoubtedly one of the most exciting innovations currently rocking the pet care industry. If you need packaging for your CBD pet treats or oils, did you know we’re one of the foremost packaging companies in this niche? So let’s make custom packaging for your CBD pet care products easy! Whether you need swoon worthy textures with embossing and metallic accents or just a simple CBD oil box with our free satin finish, you can expect—and receive—responsiveness to your questions, free samples, and a streamlined, speedy production process handled by printing industry veterans. 

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Custom CBD Topical Products Printed Boxes and Packaging Topical CBD products are the humble heroes of the cannabis world—though often unglamorous, they attract both advocates as well as non-advocates looking for relief from pain and other symptoms. Because of this increased interest, no part of your packaging can afford to be ineffective—but no worries! With our unusual shapes and memorable accents, you can take your topical packaging the extra mile and enjoy consultations and samples on the house to get your CBD topical packaging looking its best! After all’s said and done, your packaging will be printed with soy-derived inks for vivid, consistent colors and a price that’s easy on your budget.

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Custom Shatter and Isolate Printed Boxes and Packaging Need packaging for your wax, shatter, or isolate? You’re at the right place! Show off the purity of your isolate with a customized cutout or entice with wonderful textures and crisp, clear colors. With options ranging from eye-catching box shapes to velvety or rugged finishes, it’s easy to create memorable packaging that leaves consumers invested in your brand and eager for more. Plus, did you know you’ll typically get a quote within 24 hours of requesting it? 

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Custom CBD Drink Mix Printed Boxes and Packaging No matter what, effective packaging is always a worthwhile investment in your CBD business, and your drinks and drink mixes can be a mainstay in the lives of athletes, medical patients, and many people looking for a physical boost. We offer display boxes and product packaging, plus 100% recycled paper, inserts, and dividers on demand— and you could have high-quality packaging for your CBD drink mixes a week and some after squaring away your order! Your CBD drink mix packaging will be printed with crisp, vivid, soy-derived inks on 24-pt paper, flexible enough to easily assemble but tough enough to withstand scratches and bumps. .  

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