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尋回所愛 Find My Beloved: 

尋回所愛 Find My Beloved 北風興起 南風吹來 Awake, North wind. Oh! Come, South wind 良人啊 願你來 Oh! My lover, May you come 我渴望園中 溢出香氣 How I long my garden spill fragrance to 願你心得滿足 satisfy your heart


北風興起 南風吹來 Awake, North wind, O come, South wind. 良人啊 求你來 Oh my lover, May you come! 因我屬於你 你屬我 For I am yours and you are mine. 你是我起初和最後的愛 You’re my first and everlasting love!


* 天雖已黑 風雖已大 Dark though the sky, strong though the wind 我聽見良人 在輕聲呼喚我 I hear my lover’s gently calling me 只因我轉身而離去 My garden became a wilderness 我的果園荒涼 when I turn away from you *


* 我要起來 尋回所愛 I will arise, look for my love 再與你相遇 在我倆的園中 unite with you in our garden again. 我知你仍在 溫柔等著我 I know you still gently wait for me 來獻上成熟的愛 to offer my mature love *

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