Summer Internship Rowan University Caleb Smith

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Summer Internship: 

Summer Internship Caleb Smith


Objective Work with under graduate students to do research on the physics of sports equipment. Test out labs that incoming freshmen will be doing this year.

The Dimples: 

The Dimples Smooth Dimpled

The Curveball: 

The Curveball No Spin Spin

The Frisbee: 

The Frisbee The rounded edges of the Frisbee looks similar to edge of an aircraft wing.

The Tennis Ball: 

The Tennis Ball With average air viscosity and a 120 mph serve the Re to an average tennis ball is about 2.4 X 10. Fuzz on the ball creates turbulence which affects the aerodynamics of the ball. 5

Sports Material Testing: 

Sports Material Testing Lab that included testing different sports equipment such as pads and a sneaker. I used an MTS machine to test the pressure that the different materials can tolerate.

Sports Material Testing: 

Sports Material Testing Stress Strain Young’s Modulus.

Over Hydration Lab: 

Over Hydration Lab Objective Test the hydration of dried vegetables using mass change to determine the amount of hydration. Procedure Soaked celery and carrots in different liquids (water, salt water, Gatorade, and pickle juice) and measured the weight after certain time periods.

Over Hydration Lab: 

Over Hydration Lab

Thank You : 

Thank You Jennifer Kadlowec Kevin McGarvey Kyle Fitzpatrick Mrs. Carfolite

The End: 

The End

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