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Illinois State Board of Education: 

Illinois State Board of Education Statewide SIS Training


Agenda Welcome/Introductions ISBE SIS Overview Accessing ISBE SIS On-Line Functionality Batch Functionality Discussion and Questions

ISBE SIS Project Team: 

ISBE SIS Project Team ISBE Key Team Members Connie Wise ISBE User Project Manager Terry Chamberlain Data Systems Administrator Becky McCabe Division Administrator -- Assessment IBM Key Team Members Howard Hammel Project Manager Jaimie McQuirt Support Team Lead

Goals of ISBE Student Information System: 

Goals of ISBE Student Information System Provide Better Quality Data to Drive More Enlightened Policy Decisions Resulting in Enhanced Educational Opportunities for All Children Reduce Data Collection Burden on Schools and Districts Enhance the Use andamp; Relevance of State Data by Districts andamp; Schools Respond to the Accountability andamp; Reporting Requirements of NCLB and Other Federal andamp; State Education Programs

ISBE SIS Overview: 

ISBE SIS Overview Assigns Unique Student Identifiers Collects Demographic, Performance, and Program Participation Data for Each student Integrates existing individual student information systems (FACTS – Special Education System, ISIS – Career-Tech Education System) Interfaces with internal ISBE Systems Tracks students from school to school and district to district within the State Provides school districts with the ability to report timely and accurate information/data through standardized reporting capabilities

Types of Student Data Collected: 

Types of Student Data Collected

System Functions: 

System Functions On-Line Process Request New SID Search SID Exit Enrollment Reports Request File Batch Process Upload Batch File Download Batch File Help

Accessing ISBE SIS: 

Accessing ISBE SIS Connect to SIS via IWAS (ISBE’s Web Application Security System) System Listing Reporting  Monthly

User Roles: 

User Roles RCDT General User Request New SID Search SID Exit Enrollment Help RCDT/ROE Administrator All functions of RCDT General user, plus Upload File Download File Reports Request File Test Site


Home Page and Navigation


Request SID

Request SID Overview: 

Request SID Overview Function to request unique SID 9 digit numeric No leading zeros No repeatable sequence of 3 numbers Never reused or reassigned Request SID On-Line or through Batch Process

Student Demographic Data Required to Request SID: 

Student Demographic Data Required to Request SID Mandatory Legal Last Name Legal First Name Legal Middle Name Date of Birth Gender Race Optional Birth Place Name Native Language Mother’s Maiden Name Lineage (Suffix – Jr., III)

Student ID Matching Process: 

Student ID Matching Process Initial Data Elements used to search for existing SID Legal First Name Legal Last Name Date of Birth Gender Other Data Elements used to reduce multiple matches Legal Middle Name Birth Place Name Race Native Language Mother’s Maiden Name

Student ID Matching Process, cont.: 

Student ID Matching Process, cont. 3 Possible Outcomes No match, new SID is assigned 100 % match, student exists in system Potential Duplicate Matches

Student Demographic Data Validations: 

Student Demographic Data Validations Date of Birth Format mm/dd/yyyy Students must be between 0 and 25 years old Name Fields May only contain alpha characters with the exception of hyphens and spaces Middle Name Exception (Asterisk is accepted for no legal middle name) Periods, commas and apostrophes are not accepted Space or apostrophe in names such as O’Brien should be removed and submitted as OBrien Hispanic Children should use Mother’s Maiden name followed by a hyphen (-) followed by the Father’s Last Name

Enrollment Data Required to Request SID: 

Enrollment Data Required to Request SID Mandatory RCDTS for Home School RCDTS for Serving School Enrollment Date for Serving Enrollment Type for Serving Entry/Grade Level for Serving School Year for Serving Full Time Equivalency (FTE) for Serving

Enrollment Data Validations: 

Enrollment Data Validations Home School District is only entity allowed to submit information, including requesting an SID On-Line – Home RCDT is non-modifiable Batch – RCDTS of the submitter must match the RCDT of the Home School for the student RCDTS R Region Code 2 Characters C County Code 3 Characters D District/Serving Entity Code 4 Characters T Type Code 2 Characters S School Code 4 Characters

Enrollment Data Validations, cont.: 

Enrollment Data Validations, cont. Enrollment Validations A student may only be actively enrolled in one Home School A student may attend multiple Serving School FTE must be greater than 0 and less than or equal to 1.0 School year may only be one year before current year or one year in advance of current year Enrollment Date must be within one year (prior or in future) of the submission date Enrollment Date Format (mm/dd/yyyy) Numeric Fields FTE School Year (exception of period – 1.00)

Program Indicator Data Required to Request SID: 

Program Indicator Data Required to Request SID Mandatory Homeless Indicator Migrant Indicator Career/Tech Ed Indicator SES Indicator LEP Indicator IEP Accommodation Indicator 504 Accommodation Indicator IEP Indicator FRL/Low Income Indicator Century 21 Indicator

Program Indicator Data Required to Request SID: 

Program Indicator Data Required to Request SID Optional (School Year 2006-2007) Reading First (1st) Indicator Reading Improvement Block Grant Indicator Title 1 Indicator Note: All Indicator are Yes (01) – No (02) Values


Search SID

Search SID Overview: 

Search SID Overview Function to Search for Existing SID or Validate SID Mandatory Data to Search for SID SID OR Legal Last Name, Legal First Name, Date of Birth, and Gender

Search SID Overview, cont.: 

Search SID Overview, cont. Optional Data Legal Middle Name Race Birth Place Name Native Language Mother’s Maiden Name 3 Possible Outcomes No match One to 10 Potential Matches More than 10 Potential Match * Note: Search on SID only provides No Match or One Exact Match


Exit Enrollment

Exit Enrollment Overview: 

Exit Enrollment Overview Function to exit enrollment when student transfers Mandatory Data to Exit Enrollment SID Last Name, First Name, or Date of Birth Enrollment Exit Date Enrollment Exit Status Enrollment Exit Type Enrollment Exit Date is mm/dd/yyyy format 2 Possible Outcomes No match One Exact Match



Reports Overview: 

Reports Overview View summary and detail data related to Enrollment and Assessment information 2 Categories of Reports Assessment Enrollment Only accessible by RCDT Administrator


Request File

Request File Overview: 

Request File Overview Ability to request district-wide Assessment files for review of assessment information for students in Grades 3-8 and 11. 2 Types of files: Assessment Correction Assessment Scores Must Select Grade to be exported (3-8, 11, or all grades) Only accessible by RCDT Administrator


Batch Process

Batch Process Overview: 

Batch Process Overview Mass assignment of SIDs Updates to Demographic, Enrollment, and Program Indicator data Creation of new enrollments Mass Exiting of student enrollments Collection of Assessment Pre-ID label information Updates to Assessment Demographic data captured at the time of the District’s Assessment window Identification of Assessment Score records to be merged or invalidated

Batch Process Overview, cont.: 

Batch Process Overview, cont. File Types Student Demographics Exit Student Enrollment Assessment Pre-ID Assessment Correction Assessment Scores File formats supported XML Text (Comma Delimited) Excel Spreadsheet converted into a Comma-separated Value, CSV format

Batch Process Overview, cont.: 

Batch Process Overview, cont. Batch file may contain multiple schools (District-wide) or one file for each School Batch file may contain all student (existing and new) or only new students File may be submitted as many times as required If SID is provided for update, the SID and at least one of the following must be remaining in the original state: Legal Last Name Legal First Name Date of Birth

Batch Process Overview, cont.: 

Batch Process Overview, cont. Upload/Download File via IWAS/SIS Only accessible by RCDT Administrator File Format is validated upon upload Email sent when file ready for download Data returned in same format, plus the following for each record: New or Returned (Existing) SID Result Code Result Message

Batch Result Codes and Messages: 

Batch Result Codes and Messages Listed on pages 92 – 93 of User Manual A – New SID Assigned B’s – Existing SID located and returned in file C’s – Multiple Matches E’s – Exit Enrollments F - Validation errors and record did not process Invalid Code, Invalid Format, Invalid Data Missing Data P’s – Assessment (Pre-ID, Correction, Scores) U’s – SID included in File and update attempted

Batch Result Codes and Messages, cont.: 

Batch Result Codes and Messages, cont. Result codes indicate record process successfully A B1 U1 E1 P1 P2 P3 P4 P5 P6 P7 P8

Batch Result Codes and Messages, cont.: 

Batch Result Codes and Messages, cont. Result Codes may require resolution by the District B2 B3 C I U3 U4 E2 E3 P9 P10

Excel Template Tips: 

Excel Template Tips Row # 1 – Header Row (Update with District specific information) Column A, Row 1 (A1) – File type (Student Demographics, Assessment Correction, etc.) Column B, Row 1 (B1) – Number of Student Records Column C, Row 1 (C1) – File Name Ensure the file name in this cell is the same file name used for actual .csv file name when you perform the ‘save as’ action. Column D, Row 1 (D1) – File Sent Date Column E, Row 1 (E1) – RCDTS of user submitting file (15 digits) Row #2 – Column Names Row #3+ -- Student Records

Excel Template Tips, cont.: 

Excel Template Tips, cont. File must be saved as CSV (Comma Delimited) for submission. Always work in the Excel Template/file when making any changes to student information. Do not make any changes to information in the CSV format as the formatting will be lost and errors may result when submitted. If copying information to the Excel Template perform Edit  Paste Special  Values Note: Do not perform an standard paste or your formatting may be lost

Where Do I Direct My Questions?: 

Where Do I Direct My Questions? ISBE Help Desk (217) 558-3600

ISBE Contact Information: 

ISBE Contact Information Connie Wise 217.782.3950 Terry Chamberlain 217.782.4313 Becky McCabe 217-782-4823

Questions & Answers: 

Questions andamp; Answers Discussion / Questions

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