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Lightning Protection:

Lightning Protection

Facts about Lightning:

Facts about Lightning A strike can average 100 million volts of electricity Current of up to 100,000 amperes Can generate 54,000 o F Lightning strikes somewhere on the Earth every second Kills 100 US residents per year

Lightning Doesn’t Go Straight Down:

Lightning Doesn’t Go Straight Down

What Does This Mean?:

What Does This Mean? Lightning can strike ground up to ten miles from a storm ( Lightning out of the blue ) There is an average of 2-3 miles between strikes So how can we tell how far away lightning has struck?

Use The Five Second Rule:

Use The Five Second Rule Light travels at about 186,291 miles /second Sound travels at only 1,088 feet /second You will see the flash of lightning almost immediately 5280/1088= 4.9 About 5 seconds for sound to travel 1 mile

Stepped Leader:

Stepped Leader



Four Main Features of Lightning Protection:

Four Main Features of Lightning Protection 1) Air terminal 2) Conductors 3) Ground termination 4) Surge protection

Air Terminal and Conductors:

Air Terminal and Conductors

Grounding Rod:

Grounding Rod

Surge Protection Is A Must:

Surge Protection Is A Must

Effects Of Lightning:

Effects Of Lightning

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