Stamp images with Date and Time Stamp to make it memorable

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To know the enjoy moment captured again in life, stamp images with date and time stamp.


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Auto Stamper for Photo:

Auto Stamper for Photo Let your happy moments sparkle with different stamps i.e. Date-Time, Signature and GPS stamp that are provided with Auto Stamper for Photo application.

Why Auto Stamper for Photo?:

Why Auto Stamper for Photo? Functionalities that are part of this app: Stamps that are incorporated with the app are Date and Time, Signature and GPS stamp Easy to use that is manual on-off functionality which makes easy to make use of the app. Elegant GUI. Use of Phone in-built camera makes app convenient and preferable to use as we need not to open the app and make use of app’s camera for capturing and stamping the photos.

Photography now a days:

Photography now a days Why Mobile photography has increased so much now a days? Handy and easy to carry 2. Can be used anytime as it is almost always available 3. Easy to use 4. Pictures can be shared to social media 5. Affordable 6. Lightweight

Date and Time Stamp:

Date and Time Stamp To make it easy for you to remember the happy and beautiful moment that has been captured by you, Date and Time Stamp is the best. It will let you know when the photo was captured looking at the image Date stamp photo is very good as it will help you to keep track of pictures clicked by you.

Adjustable Format:

Adjustable Format You can adjust the stamp format as per your wish which not only makes stamp perfect for image but also allows you to design your own stamp that will match with the image background. You can adjust: Stamp font Stamp color Stamp position Stamp Size Position color Size Font Adjustab le Stamp Format

Ways to Use:

Ways to Use

Download Application:

Download Application You can find the application on both android and iOS play store. To explore and know more about it download the app right now!! To know more and get regular updates about the application kindly visit:

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