Bladder Stones – All You Need To Know

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Bladder stones although may not seem like a huge problem but they do cause lots of discomfort and pain in the abdomen area. They are hard masses composed of minerals from your urine which if get stuck up in any part of your urinary system may require immediate medical intervention. This is when you may require a professional urologist in Kota to treat you at the earliest What causes bladder stones The basic reason that causes bladder stones is the urine being left in the bladder after urinating. When urine is left the minerals from the urine start to build up and form tiny stones. The urine that is left even after urinating may be because of a certain medical condition that hinders the bladder from completely emptying. These may include nerve damage in the urinary tract large prostate bladder augmentation surgery bladder swelling and poor diet. Also people who live in countries where dehydration low-protein diets and urinary tract issues are common are more likely to develop bladder stones. How can bladder stones be identified You may consider having yourself checked to see if your bladder contains stones if you experience symptoms like difficulty urinating frequent urination blood in urine burning sensation when urinating dark coloured urine or acute lower abdominal pain. In case of any of these symptoms schedule an appointment with a relevant doctor to check if you are a victim of bladder stones. In case of any doubt the doctor may ask you to take up tests like urine test cystoscopy CT scan X-ray or ultrasound imaging test.

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How are bladder stones treated If bladder stones are detected you will need immediate treatment to prevent increasing the size or number of stones due to more mineral build-up. Your treatment plan will vary depending upon how severe your condition is. If the stones are small you will be asked to drink a lot of water to help the stones pass through and expel out with the urine without any medical intervention. But if the condition is severe you may require cystolitholapaxy a procedure wherein the stones will be broken down into tiny pieces using a cystoscope that is inserted into the bladder to locate the stones that need to be crushed. If the stones are too large and difficult to break you will then have to retort to the last stage – surgery Are there any complications with bladder stones If you don’t consider any kind of treatment even after realizing that you have bladder stones the stones may only grow in size and number thus causing complications. The two main outcomes of such carelessness are urinary tract infections and chronic bladder dysfunction. So never take any chance and get in touch with a urologist to help diagnose and treat your condition at the earliest if you notice any of the symptoms mentioned in this blog. Maitri Hospital’s urologist in Kota is the perfect medical practitioner to approach not only in the case of bladder stones but any other urinary tract related medical conditions like bladder tumour erectile dysfunction and prostate problems. And worry not you are always free to ask questions and clear your doubts with a urologist. For more updates notification follow us on: Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTube

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