Should You Worry Over A Joint Replacement Surgery

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What is it like undergoing a joint replacement surgery This is something you may have wondered when you would have heard about some conversation about it. You may think it to be difficult worrisome and fearful. And now when you have to undergo the same it becomes even more frightening for you. We understand this natural emotion of feeling anxious and worried about having your original joint removed and replacing it with a metal or plastic substitute. It brings all kinds of thoughts like what if the surgery goes unsuccessful what if my nerves get damaged in the process what if I encounter side effects of the fake joints within my body etc. However we would like you to know and feel relaxed that joint replacements are now a very common procedure being executed across the globe for patients with joint problems and the results are amazing People are worried at first but after they see the results where they can live pain-free and carefree they are glad that they got the surgery done. So if you have come to the point where your doctor is suggesting a joint replacement rest assured that it is going to be a good decision for you. And when you have a professional and experienced surgeon who is going to operate you one like Maitri Hospital ’s orthopaedic surgeon in Kota there is absolutely nothing to worry about The surgeon here knows his job well and has immense experience in operating all kinds of surgeries related to hip replacement knee replacement crushed injury club foot major amputation bone grafting and tendon lengthening. In case of knee and hip pain over-the-counter medicines can prove to be helpful to reduce pain but it cant eliminate pain forever. You may experience comfort up till

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the time you keep taking medicines constantly and once you stop the pain may rise again. Surgery on the other hand can eliminate the pain and other mobility issues forever at least in majority of cases. It may seem to be worrisome at first and will take some weeks or months to recover after surgery but after the recovery period you will be free to walk run and climb as before again Yes there are cases where patients need a revision surgery after a few years but the occurrence is very rare. Once the surgical procedure is done you may require staying a few days within the hospital under the supervision of the doctor. Once everything seems perfect you will be discharged along with some prescriptions that include medicines exercises and therapies. Once in a while you may be called to check on your progress. All of this may sound very troublesome but after all the surgical procedures and only a few weeks of care and nurturing the results you will see at the end will be worth it However you cant decide upon getting a surgery on your own. You will need the assistance of a doctor to check your pain reasons behind the pain and other factors like age weight lifestyle etc. after which he will be able to decide upon whether you should undergo a surgery or not. So if you are experiencing any kind of constant and unbearable pain in the hip or knee get yourself checked to see if you need a surgery. And if you do get in touch immediately with an experienced orthopaedic surgeon in Kota to have your joint treated. Stay Connected With Us On: Facebook Twitter Instagram LinkedIn

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