A Loose Confederation

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A Loose Confederation: 

A Loose Confederation Section 7:1

The States Write Constitution: 

The States Write Constitution Constitution- is a document that sets out the laws, principles, organization, and process of a government. Bill of rights- list of freedoms that the government promises to protect To vote the citizen had to be a male and over the age of 21 They also had to own a certain amount of property In New Jersey during some time the women could vote

The Articles Of Confederation: 

The Articles Of Confederation Articles of Confederation- created a very loose alliance of independent states. After the debate the Continental Congress approved the first American constitution. Tyranny of the British rule with another strong government

Limited Powers: 

Limited Powers Under the Articles of Confederation the state sent delegates to Congress. The Congress had limited powers. Congress could not regulate trade between states. The Articles included no president to execute laws.

Dispute Over Western Land: 

Dispute Over Western Land There was a dispute before the Articles of Confederation stated Ceded- or gave up Virginia and the other states ceded their claims to land west of the Appalachian Mountains

Weaknesses of the Confederation: 

Weaknesses of the Confederation In 1783 the United States won independence Americans had reasons to doubt whether “ the United States” would ever survive

Conflicts Between States: 

Conflicts Between States Both New York and New Hampshire claimed Vermont They still Continued to have these conflicts

Money Problems: 

Money Problems After the revolution the United States owed millions of dollars to individual and foreign nations Currency- or another word for it is money Continental money became worthless, so the states printed their own money

Other Nations Take advantages: 

Other Nations Take advantages Some of the foreign countries took advantage of the confederations weaknesses Britain refused to withdraw its troops from the Ohio Valley Spain closed its port in New Orleans to American shipping

Admitting New States: 

Admitting New States Land Ordinance of 1785- it set up a system for settling the Northwest territory Northwest Ordinance- This was passed in 1787. It set up government for the Northwest Territory, it guaranteed basic rights to settlers Once a territory had the population on 60,000 free settlers it could ask the Congress to admit a new state Congress did not pass laws about how to govern the Northwest territory Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, and Wisconsin were created from the Northwest territory

A Call For Change: 

A Call For Change Depression- A period when business activity slows, prices and wages fall, and unemployment rises. After the revolution the nation suffered through depression

Farmers Revolt: 

Farmers Revolt Shays Rebellion- A 1786 revolt in Massachusetts led by farmers in reactions of high taxes The depression hit the farmers real hard The war had created a high demand for farm products


The American Nation-Dr. James West Davis and Dr. Micheal B. Stoff, pages 200-204 company- Copyright © 2005

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