How BLE is making Hyper Local Commerce possible


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BLE's ability to provide location based communication can help make hyper local commerce possible by allowing merchants to engage with consumers at the right time.


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How BLE is making Hyper Local Commerce possible


What is hyper local commerce? Hyper local refers to a very specific area, area in proximity of your home or your business or your current location . The term ‘hyper-local commerce’ arrives with the addition of payments  and, marketing options available in your vicinity © Copyright Comviva Technologies Limited 2015


Why is Hyper L ocal C ommerce making so much sense? Hyper local is the next frontier which is merging the online and offline platforms in order to bring massive scale demand and deliver the goods in the shortest possible time.


The technologies supporting Penetration of Hyper Local Commerce T echnologies ranging from initial ones like cell-tower triangulation & GPS to the recent and popular ones such as Wi-Fi Direct, NFC and BLE. BLE is one of the most appropriate technologies to make hyper local commerce possible in an efficient manner. 160 million BLE beacon shipments by 2019 90 % Smartphones To Support two BLE By 2018 © Copyright Comviva Technologies Limited 2015


How is BLE helping the Hyper L ocal C ommerce? BLE puts forward a strong business case by allowing the merchants to engage with the consumers at the right time. By pushing information to them, by allowing them to make more effective and informed decisions, BLE can be used to influence their purchase decisions. The retailers can use BLE to provide advertisements, coupons, offers, welcome message and product information as soon as a consumer approaches or enters the store. © Copyright Comviva Technologies Limited 2015


BLE benefits at different segments of the retail experience: During purchase Increasing customer foot-fall through push marketing Customer analytics enabling better business decision making In-store offers to drive purchase decision Customer assistance Payment Hands free payment Post Purchase Driving repeat visit Evoking loyalty app


BLE’s Potential: BLE has tremendous potential. Although, the retailers have been the first to adopt the BLE technology to the maximum extent; the potential of BLE is far beyond retailing. From entertainment venues and restaurants to banking and airports, there are plethora of innovative ways in which BLE can be deployed in order to deliver over & above what the smartphone users can expect. © Copyright Comviva Technologies Limited 2015


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