How to Prepare for Essay Exam

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How to Prepare for Final Essay Exams : 

How to Prepare for Final Essay Exams UCDC Training Activity

An Introduction : 

An Introduction “Procrastination is the thief of time” Excellent preparation helps to reduce stress and anxiety and yield better grades. Keep in mind that “two hours out of class for every hour in class”. Effective preparation requires about ten days before exams – planning and allotting time.

Tools for the Preparation : 

Tools for the Preparation

Time Management : 

Time Management Setting priorities Decide which activities are most important Mark them on your calendar Be ruthless Making a schedule Make a detailed weekly calendar Mark your class hours, study times, and/or work times Make it your routine Allow flexibility to accommodate changes Keep a to-do-list to develop a “can-do” attitude

Time Management (cont.) : 

Time Management (cont.) Identifying timesavers Study in your prime time Morning bird or Night owl Study at odd moments While on the trip, break time, on the bus… Obtain helps to gain more time Study in group, have someone done other task(s) for you… Be ready to give up leisure (temporarily) Forget a must-see film, say no to T.V, ignore your games…

Review for Essay Exams : 

Review for Essay Exams Plan the review Scan the table of contents of your textbook Set priorities to the parts of your assigned chapters Start reviewing with the “high-priority” Think and question Think about major ideas and how they are related Turn the heading into questions and try to answer them If there is a set of objectives of the course or chapter, turn them into questions as well and try to answer them Make question about the parts that lecturer has emphasized; the odd is high.

Review for Essay Exams (cont.) : 

Review for Essay Exams (cont.) Use memory aids (mnemonics) Understand the process and relate the influences Divide materials into set of smaller recognizable units Use acronyms or abbreviation or traditional recitation Recite from the outlines of your notes Encourage yourself Give yourself positive feedback and encouragement Avoid negative thought and “what-if” syndrome Reward yourself periodically

Predict Essay Exam Questions : 

Predict Essay Exam Questions Attend the class regularly. Observe study hints and sample questions. Refer to your note-takings. Ask lecturer about exam conditions and structures. Beware of open book exams (not as easy as you think); hard-working and well-preparation are still needed.

Take Essay Exams : 

Take Essay Exams Physical preparation: Rest and energize yourself Be able to think more clearly Material preparation: Arrive early with all supplies needed for exam Some supplies are unnecessary but maybe useful Discipline preparation: Check up if there is any change of exam room Do not bring in food and drink to exam hall

Take Essay Exams (cont.) : 

Take Essay Exams (cont.) Preview the test Plan your times accordingly Start with the easiest question Skip hard parts of the test Keep your exam until the last possible moment If time running out, start outlining your answers

Understand the Question : 

Understand the Question Read every word of each question carefully:

Draft Complete Essay Answers : 

Draft Complete Essay Answers “Strive for quality, not quantity” Paragraph essays Do not draft the answer, just write it down and edit later. Keep the correct pattern of paragraph. If your ideas on other question come up, jot them down and put it aside; focus on the question you’re doing. Long essays: Always state thesis early. Respond to the main ideas and add your well-reasoned opinion.

Draft Complete Essay Ans…(cont.) : 

Draft Complete Essay Ans…(cont.) Precautions: Pay attention to direction Highlight or underline key terms Number the parts of multifaceted questions Check off number of parts after you answered each one When finished, properly check or proofread

Summing-Up : 

Summing-Up Start planning for the exam since the beginning of the term (beat procrastination) Attend the class regularly Take and organize notes for every subject Exchange notes and learn in group Keep on studying hard, but do study SMART Well-prepare for all aspects of exam Do it with your confidence and flexibility Good luck with all your exams!!!