Green Flooring for Modular Homes

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GREEN MARKET SUSTAINABLE, HEALTHY, EARTH-FRIENDLY FLOORING PRODUCTS. In 2010 according to the Green Building Alliance the green building products market is projected to be worth $30-40 billion annually. According to the Home Builders Association “by 2010 40-50% of homes built will be green.” 34% annual growth Obama green stimulus Government tax credits Carbon Credits

GREEN MARKET - Modular Homes : 

GREEN MARKET - Modular Homes The $9 billion prefab industry produces about 140,000 factory-built units annually, according to Bruce Savage, vice president of public affairs for the Manufactured Housing Institute. According to a recent NY Times article Mr. Chad Harvey, Deputy Director of Modular Building System Association stated “ when this economic downturn ends, our industry is going to be better positioned to increase market share than ever before,” he said. “We offer a product that builders will be able to embrace and sell as inherently green.” He expects that more and more modular manufacturers will switch to using lumber certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), a sustainable forestry watchdog group. Rick Fredrizzi, Chairman, United States Green Building Council (LEED) stated that of all things happening in sustainable home design “Modular and off-site fabrication of homes” exites him the most. Recently the modular trend setter Epoch Homes announced their - Eco Home Collection where “Our design goal was to expand upon our custom designed homes by offering some value engineered green homes that are lower to purchase and operate”. SUSTAINABLE, HEALTHY, EARTH-FRIENDLY FLOORING PRODUCTS

VENCON USA - The Industry Leader : 

VENCON USA - The Industry Leader International company established in 1989 is a GLOBAL leader in the supply of sustainable and healthy flooring products. Vencon has an available production capacity in excess of (2) billion dollars annually in certified “green” flooring products . Through worldwide (Europe, Asia, South American, North America) direct factory relationships Vencon provides the highest level of “green” flooring products available on the market. The Vencon client list includes Mannington Mills, Carpet One, CCA Global, Weyerhaeuser, Prosource, Denver Hardwoods. SUSTAINABLE, HEALTHY, EARTH-FRIENDLY FLOORING PRODUCTS.

PRODUCTS - Green Collections : 

PRODUCTS - Green Collections Lifestye This range of FSC Certified laminate flooring comes in a wide variety of decors and styles and with a competitive price point. It carries one of the best industry warranties. Natura This collection is America’s first and only range of FSC and GreenGuard certified laminate flooring. Parador From Germany comes the leading source of certified “green” flooring in all styles including laminate, wood, bamboo and solid wood. SUSTAINABLE, HEALTHY, EARTH-FRIENDLY FLOORING PRODUCTS.

Laminate Flooring : 

Laminate Flooring Laminate Flooring Sizes 7 mm to 12 mm Widths 3 1/3” to 8” LEED ATTRIBUTES FSC certified MR – 4,6,7 Credit Low Emission EQ 4.3,4.4, 5.1 Recycled Pre-consumer NO GLUE INSTALLATION SUSTAINABLE, HEALTHY, EARTH-FRIENDLY FLOORING PRODUCTS. .


WHAT NOW? To learn more about VENCON’s Green FSC “Certified” flooring please contact us at: VENCON USA: 843 -225-3373 Online: Email: Thank you. SUSTAINABLE, HEALTHY, EARTH-FRIENDLY FLOORING PRODUCTS.

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