Eucleides the Tour Guide

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Eucleides the Tour Guide : 

Eucleides the Tour Guide

Insulae : 

Insulae Apartment buildings Insula Feliculae – Largest one in Rome!!

Golden Milestone/Milepost : 

Golden Milestone/Milepost Place the Romans thought to be the center of the universe. Erected by Augustus

Temple of Jupiter Optimus Maximus : 

Temple of Jupiter Optimus Maximus An Aspect of Jupiter as the GREATEST of their gods

Roman Forum : 

Roman Forum Basilicae – Market places, court houses Domus Aurea – Golden House of Nero Nero is the one who burnt down Rome to build the buildings he wanted.

Slide 8: 

Colesseum Vespasian and Titus ripped down parts of Nero’s buildings to build things for the people of Rome like the Colesseum , Baths, statues Aka Ampitheatrum Flavium

Other : 

Other Tabularium – records building Rostra – Speaking platform

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