Chariot Races

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Chariot Races : 

Chariot Races

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Chariot Races Ludi Circenses Lit. Games in the Circus Held in the Circus Maximus

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Chariot Races Held in the Circus Maximus held over 200,000 spectators

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Chariot Races Lincoln Financial Field Only holds 67,594 people!

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Chariot Races Curriculum Spina Metae

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Chariot Races Roman Charioteers (aurigae) drove their chariots (quadrigae) 7 laps around the track (~5 mi.)

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Chariot Races Racers were hired by particular factions/companies. Russati Albati Prasini Veneti

Much like……Medieval Times : 

Much like……Medieval Times

Questions for Discussion : 

Questions for Discussion How was the Circus Maximus and chariot racing like any of our modern sports or arenas?

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