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A drizzling morning to our:

A drizzling morning to our Special Guest Lovable tutors Comrades And other lad’s and lass My UK Experience My UK Experience My UK Experience My UK Experience Madhavan . O M.Sc., M.Res (UK)

Going to share with:

Going to share with My UK photos My University UK education system Subjects in the course My research project How can you guys come over in there? What are the courses available ? Job opportunities

My UK Photos:

My UK Photos

Northumbria university::

Northumbria university: It is a research – engaged and business – focused institution located in newcastle upon tyne in North East England Holds 35,000 students from 140 countries Newcastle is the 8 th beautiful city in the world for a night life UK education system: 70% Assignment – 10 times difficult than the written exam 10% Exam 10% Seminar presentation 10% Teaching

Plagiarism: :

Plagiarism: Stealing others work and saying that’s my own work Copying the information from the books, journals, articles, internet, and so on Copying the information from your friend – who is living in some other country

Lynn Dover (My Research Supervisor): :

Lynn Dover (My Research Supervisor): Editor – in – chief, world journal of microbiology and biotechnology Has written 4 chapters in 4 different books Till date, he has done 40 articles in the world journals

My modules::

My modules: Plant Biotechnology Semester II Semester I Subject Exploration Molecular Biology Research Proposal Graduate Research Methodology Power point presentation – 10% Poster presentation – 10% Laboratory research work – 80% Research Project

mRes Research project:

mRes Research project An enzyme – coupled spectrophotometric assay of CMAS to inhibit the synthesis of cyclopropane mycolic acid synthase in Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Methodology :

Methodology Purification of SAHN (S- Adenosyl homocysteine nucleosidase ) Purification of CMAS Purification of Adenine deaminase Purification of EthA Assay for CMAS activity

Mechanism :

Mechanism S-adenosylmethionine (AdoMet) S-adenosylhomocysteine (AdoHcy) Hypoxanthine + Ammonia Adenine + S-Ribosylhomocysteine CMAS Transmeth ylation Inhibitor S- adenosyl homocysteine nucleosidase Adenine deaminase – associated with a decrease in absorbance at 265nm that can be monitored continuously – indicates adenine is converted to hypoxanthine The formation of hypoxanthine indicates the disappearance of AdoMet Adenine deaminase

Control elements of the pET system:

Control elements of the pET system

My email id:

My email id: Local number : 9003870274 UK number : 00447884322673 How can you guys come over there? Apply via online and get your application form IELTS – must, should possess at least band 6 SOP – must You should be able to show your first class degree Fees will be around 10,000 pounds for a year excluding your accommodation Hostel fees – very high about 3500 pounds for a semester Rent houses – cheap and best. It might cost only about 250 pounds a month, includes house rent and food.

Job opportunities::

Job opportunities: Not bad – due to recession period. Courses available for B.Sc students: M.Sc – Microbiology, Biotechnology, Molecular biology, Biomedical science For M.Sc students: Mres – Microbiology, Biotechnology, Molecular biology, Biomedical science.


Aphorism: Knowing some thing in every thing is better than knowing every thing in some thing. Life ends with peace – rich man, poor man. Like buddha and vivekanandha Peace comes – stop hurting others and stop making self proudness . Thanks very much.

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