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The history of an art form consisting of sounds and tones - Music:

The history of an art form consisting of sounds and tones - Music Jordan Saavalainen , Mikki Monola , Eetu Närhi

Music as a form of art - Introduction -:

Music as a form of art - Introduction - Diversity of music Music is everywhere It is an incredibly diverse form of art Even the ” popular ” genres of music includes roughly 500 different genres Different bands under the same genre all sound atleast marginally different Definition of music A very wide definition, many different opinions exist ’Science or art of ordering tones or sounds in succession’ or simply ’ organized sound’ One might also view different sounds of nature as music , e.g . the crackling of fire or the humming of wind

’Will we ever run out of new music?’:

’Will we ever run out of new music ?’

Genres of Music:

Genres of Music A genre categorizes pieces of musical work Can be recognized as certain styles or forms but the borders may be indefinite Criteria for musical genres are usually things such as: time period, regional and national origin , instrumentation, and social function Genres of music have evolved and changed according to culture and development of music

Origins of Music:

Origins of Music Music has been around as long as there has been someone to hear it The origin of man- made music is simpler to find than the origin of music itself Fingal’s Cave in Scotland is an example of natures own music Fingal’s Cave on the isle of Staffa in Scotland

Origins of Music 2:

Origins of Music 2 First flutes discovered in a cave in southern germany 40 000 – 45 000 years ago First drums discovered 30 000

First Stringed Instruments:

First Stringed Instruments Found in a cave in the isle of Skye, 300bc

The oldest (surviving) works of music:

The oldest ( surviving ) works of music h .6, The Hurrian songs, contains instructions for a lyre/harp and song Seikilos epitaph , the oldest musical piece that includes musical notation The hurrian song h.6 tablet (right) Seikilos epitaph ( left )

Music in ancient egypt:

Music in ancient egypt Egyptians credited the god Hathor for the invention of music , Osiris later used music in his plan to make the world civilized Essential share of the culture and hierarchy Egyptians had several kinds of instruments Earliest evidence of instruments from the predynastic period Ancient Egyptian art of musicians and dancers

Music in Ancient Greece:

Music in Ancient Greece Music in Greece was an important part of the social and cultural life Musicians also played a very central role in Greek Theater Musical notation also derives from Greece A lyre , common instrument in a ncient Greece

Medieval era and renaissance:

Medieval era and renaissance Medieval era Music was notably seen in Roman catholic church services Western music grew to a more central art form Notation was developed into more complex Renaissance An era focused on secular , or nonreligious music Styles , or genres started to get more distinct Music also became more important as a part of the everyday life The profession of musician and composer became more respected

Era of classicism:

Era of classicism Philosophy and art of ancient Greece and Rome Instrumental music was given alot of attention In this era, known composers like Ludvig van Beethoven and Amadeus Wolfgang Mozart composed sonatas, concertos and symphonies Another important step of evolution in this period were concerts , the public music showings

Music and it’s Effect in Culture:

Music and it’s Effect in Culture Music is everywhere, it has an effect on everyone. An musician’s music reflects himself. Which came first?

Musics effects on Different cultures:

Musics effects on Different cultures Christianism is one religion that uses music a fair bit in both worship services Music has also long played an internal role in Rastafari, and it has also become known worldwide thanks to musicians such as Bob Marley and Peter Tosh Bob Marley, a rastafari reggae artist colored in traditional rastafari and reggae connected colors, green, gold and red


Conclusion Music exists inside people , instruments merely amplify the art Affects almost every single culture and religion on earth It flows from emotion, not from the logic and critical thinking It is something natural to people , though some express it better than others Something that humans need in their culture and life Unanswered questions , ’is music important ?’ Music is one of the oldest art forms on earth Taught to everyone , possibly one of the widest contexts on earth

One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.:

One good thing about music , when it hits you , you feel no pain. - Bob Marley

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