Working Principle of Lathe Machine

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Working Principle of Lathe Machine :

Working Principle of Lathe Machine

Working Principle:

Working Principle

Working Principle:

Working Principle The Lathe Machine is a Machine which holds the work piece between two strong support that are termed as chucks. The cutting tool is held firmly and supported in a tool post which is then fed against the revolving work. The cutting tool is fed either parallel or at right angles to the work axis.


The main parts of The Lathe Machines are headstocks, Bed, Quick changing gear box, Carriage and Tail Stock etc. Construction

Lathe Parts:

Bed : The bed is a weighty, strong casting that is mounted by the working parts of the lathe. In order to support the work pieces, it carries the headstock and tail stock and offers a base for the movement of carriage congregation which carries the tool. Legs : The entire weight of machine is carried by legs and is tightly secured to floor by foundation bolts. Lathe Parts

Lathe Parts:

Headstock : The headstock is fastened on the left hand side of the bed and it acts as housing for the back gears, headstock spindle, driving pulleys, the feed reverse gear and the live centre. Gear Box: The quick-change gear-box is fastened below the headstock and consist a number of different sized gears. Carriage: The carriage is a part that is fixed between the headstock and tailstock and it supports, guides and feed the tool against the job during the process. Lathe Parts

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