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Mac Mortgage Approval Corp., the leading mortgage broker in Vancouver specializes in providing real estate loans to property owners. Read this write up now to find expert tips on reducing mortgage rates. Visit for more.


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4 Expert Tips to Save More on Mortgage:

4 Expert Tips to Save More on Mortgage


Buying a home is an ideal option to gain equity and provide stability for your family. But, you don’t want to spend your life paying off a loan! Do you? Nope! So, here we have compiled mortgage saving tips that help you pay off your mortgage debt early and invest for the future.


PAY MORE THAN THE MINIMUM PAYMENT Instead of agreeing to the minimum monthly payment provided, request to have that payment increased. This is a proven method of paying down your mortgage quickly, even by years and saving thousands of dollars in interest.


MAKE A LARGER DEPOSIT Making a large deposit means you need to borrow less. Keep that in mind when you make your down payment.


COMPARE THE PRODUCT Not all mortgage products are the same. The one with the lowest interest rate could have the highest fees. So, do your due diligence on comparing mortgage rates, how long any introductory rate lasts, lender fees and if there are any other additional fees.


KEEP IT SIMPLE If you are a first time home buyer, it is better to avoid all fancy terms like cash back, and redraw that could offset your initial stages of borrowing. Focus on the basic principles and keep the process simple so you can own your home as quickly as you can.


Mac Mortgage Approval Corp., the leading mortgage brokers in Vancouver are dedicated to helping borrowers get the best mortgage rates on first, second and third mortgages. Visit for more information. Call: (604) 676-3583 E-mail:

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