WH- Question words

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WH- Question words

WH- Question Words : 

WH- Question Words

Who … : 

Who … Who are you? I am your teacher Who stole the Mona Lisa? An unknown person Who is the richest man in the world? Carlos Slim Who watches more TV, My Brother or I? You do

Where … : 

Where … Where are you? I’m in the bathroom! Where is Uganda? It’s in Africa, I think Where are my keys? They’re in the table near the window Where’s the money? It’s in the bank

When … : 

When … When’s your birthday? It’s in may When does the movie start? At three o’clock When will I be able to buy a car? When you save enough money When did you go to Alaska? Last year

Why : 

Why Why are you here? I’m waiting for someone Why is the gasoline so expensive? Beacuse there is less and less everyday Why don’t you swim? Beacuse I just ate Why are you so happy? Because I won the lottery!!!!!

Whose… : 

Whose… Whose jacket is this? It’s Susan’s Whose galsses are on the table? My mother’s Whose picture are you taking? Daniela’s

Which ... : 

Which ... Which do you prefer, strawberry, vanilla or chocolate? Vanilla Which one is yours? The red one Which is the most loved fictional detective, Sherlock Holmes or Hercules Poirot? Sherlock Holmes, in my opinion

What... : 

What... What flavour do you prefer? Vanilla What is it? A ladybug What’s the most loved fictional detective? Endeavour Morse

How many... : 

How many... How many chairs are in the classroom? 43 How many girlfriends has he had? 3 or 4, I think How many cups of flour do we need to make a cake? Depends, How big is the cake? How many children do they have? Six!

How much... : 

How much... How much is the red jacket? $37.95 How much sugar do you want with your coffee? One tablespoon, please How much trouble are we on? A lot.

How long... : 

How long... How long have we been waiting? Two hours How long is it going to take to fix my car? One week How long have we been laughing? Since it started! How long is that anaconda? Over three meters long

How old... : 

How old... How old are you? I’m 34 years old How old is this school? Over 50 years old How old is this? This is new How old were you when you got married? I was 24

How far... : 

How far... How far is the town? Three kilometres How far is that three? 10 – 20 meteres

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