Where two drains meet at the Etiwanda Wetlands

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Where two drains meet at the Etiwanda Wetlands :

Where two drains meet at the Etiwanda Wetlands By Darcie H

The Wildlife:

The Wildlife While we were on the Etiwanda Wetlands excursion I saw a spoon bill, a pelican, a duck and also a swamp hen. I heard a Frog. I thought of a few animals that were probably there but too scared to come out, for example yabbies, fish and foxes.

Purpose of a constructed wetland:

Purpose of a constructed wetland The purpose of a constructed wetland is to reuse the stormwater supply, this means that water won’t be wasted when you put it down the drain.

Why do we need wetlands:

Why do we need wetlands There are many benefits in a wetland such as, . An attractive landscape feature. . Provides habitat for native wildlife. .Reusable water. . Source of recreation and education. .Improve the water quality of receiving waters.

Parts of a wetlands:

Parts of a wetlands Wetlands are divided into 3 parts. Inlet Zone; A deep pond with a Gross Pollutant Trap which trap large particles to settle and sink. Macrophyte Zone; A shallow area for finer particles to sink to the bed and for sunlight to kill bacteria. Wetlands in focus; a rock embankment to provide maximum treatment to stormwater inflows.

Thank you for watching my slide.:

I hope you enjoyed my slide, and see what I learnt when I went on the Etiwanda Wetlands excursion. Thank you for watching my slide.

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