What is happening at the Etiwanda Wetlands by Jeremy

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Etiwanda Wetlands:

Etiwanda Wetlands By Jeremy


FLOATING ISLANDS Floating Islands are good for the W etlands because they allow birds to create nests where no animal or human can harm them. Also it’s a really safe place for birds to breed. Also the plants on the floating islands clean the water with their roots so it’s clean (filtered).


THINGS THAT ARE GOOD The things that are good in the Wetlands are the floating islands because they create homes for birds. Saving birds means that there’ll be more amazing creatures in Mildura. Also the bird watching hide is really good because you’re able to see the amazing birds swim and fly. Also the GPT is very good because it keeps the habitats of animals safe from litter plus it makes the Wetlands clean.


THINGS THAT SHOULD BE IMPROVED Firstly the holes should be resolved because it makes it difficult for people to walk. Also it’ll wreck bird watching when walking because they trip over and make noise causing the birds to fly away. The walking path is the only thing they need to improve.


THE FISHES In the Wetlands fish live in it. The fish are Carp and baby Perch. The carp are not very good because they wreck the Wetlands water. The Perch is good because is creates beauty in our rivers and also Wetlands.


RUBBISH Rubbish is probably the worst problem in the Wetlands because it’s making it harder for the fish and birds survive because they get strangled by that rubbish. Also rubbish will cause damage to birds habitats because they’ll pick up say chip packets, excreta [dog poop] and make their wreck their nests.

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Thanks for watching And THANK YOU to Cath Hall from Mildura Rural City Council for taking us to the Wetlands.

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