Etiwanda wetlands

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Etiwanda wetlands:

Etiwanda wetlands By Shenay

What is a wetland?:

What is a wetland? A wetland is an area of land which is either man made or natural , it has shallow water which is a natural filter for drinking water. Wetlands also provide a safe and healthy habitat for the wildlife.

What lives in the Etiwanda Wetlands?:

What lives in the Etiwanda Wetlands? Birds? There are many species of birds in the Etiwanda wetlands such as; Pelicans,ducks,Spoonbild, Ibis, kookaburra and many more. Bugs? There are the usual bugs; ants, Flies, Mosquitos… There could also be foxes!

Why do we need a wetland?:

Why do we need a wetland? Wetlands provide a habitat for native wildlife. Wetlands are an attractive landscape. Wetlands may attract tourist. If it weren't for wetlands there wouldn’t be clean water in our rivers!

Floating islands:

In the Etiwanda Wetlands floating islands are found in the middle of the river, some birds build their nests to keep away dangerous animals which could kill their eggs. Floating islands

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Enjoying the Etiwanda Wetlands with my friends !

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