A Mystery. Where Does Our Water Go

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Where Does Our Water Go?:

Where Does O ur W ater Go? The Story of Mildura's STORMWATER Raheel

What Is A Wetland?:

What Is A Wetland? A couple of months ago we went to Etiwanda Wetlands to learn what happens to our water. All the stormwater we use goes to Etiwanda Wetlands then it gets cleaned and returned to the River. Etiwanda Wetland is useful to rain and stormwater because all the water gets through the gross pollutant traps where the solids are removed.

How Can We Help?:

The way we can help the Etiwanda Wetland and make it even better is by, cleaning up after your dog so that their poop doesn’t get in the water. The second thing we could do to help is by fixing oil leaks from your car so that the oil doesn’t reach the drain. How Can We Help?

What I Believe:

I believe that Etiwanda Wetland is one of the best things that has been made in Mildura and around Australia. In other countries such as P akistan where I came from, there is no such thing like having a place where all your waters get cleaned. What I Believe

In Pakistan:

The things that are in Australia that you won’t find it in Pakistan are: In Pakistan we have two gutters going along the roads there is nothing covering it so you can smell what ever goes through it. Here in Mildura there is no such thing as that and if people don’t look after these wonderful things that are made by mother nature those things might happen! In Pakistan

Etiwanda Wetland:

Etiwanda Wetland

My friends and I at the Etiwanda Wetlands:

My friends and I at the Etiwanda Wetlands

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