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Where Does Our Water Go?:

Where Does O ur Water Go? The Story of Mildura’s Stormwater. By Alex

Where does our water go? :

Where does our water go? When the storm water drains fill up where better place to go other than Mildura’s very own Etiwanda Wetlands.

What happens at the Wetland’s?:

What happens at the Wetland’s? All the water at the wetlands can be recycled or reused when it is needed. The water also gets cleaned so it is healthy for the river. This is the G.P.T.(Gross Pollutant Trap) it gets rid of all the rubbish.

Why do we need the wetlands?:

Why do we need the wetlands? We need the wetlands to take in our stormwater and filter it so that the water can be used again in times of need. They also provide habitat for our native species.

What are the floating islands?:

What are the floating islands? The floating islands are a specially designed island to give safe nesting to birds and so that the roots of reeds can filter the water.


Wildlife There is plenty of wildlife at the wetlands, yet it is so close to the town. The wetlands provide safe haven for a number of birds, fish, insects and marsupials. As well as a number of pests.


ETIWANDA WETLANDS Wetlands that help Mildura reuse stormwater!

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