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WETLANDS All about wetlands By Lachlan.C Mildura West Primary School WETLANDS IN THE MALLEE

What is a wetland?:

What is a wetland? Wetlands are areas of land where water sits and creates habitats for animals. They are also a good spot where plants can live. Wetlands have a GPT(Gross Pollutant Trap) that stops all the rubbish getting into the wetlands. Wetlands also clean the water before it goes into the river.


NAMES OF WETLANDS Swamp Bog Moor(European) Muskeg(Alaska and Canada) Slough(Northern U.S) Delmarva(South eastern U.S) Mire(Northern Europe) Marsh

What is a constructed wetland?:

What is a constructed wetland? A constructed wetland is a wetland formed by man rather than formed by nature. They also stop some of the pollution. Why do they construct wetlands? People construct wetlands because of the loss of natural wetlands or the need to manage stormwater and then after the water is cleaned it goes back into the river system.

What is a natural wetland? :

What is a natural wetland? A natural wetland is a wetland formed by nature. What is the purpose of a natural wetland? Natural wetlands filter the water and are good spots for animals to create their habitat.

What is the difference between Natural wetlands and Constructed wetlands?:

What is the difference between Natural wetlands and Constructed wetlands? Natural wetlands are created by nature and are usually swamps or small lakes. Constructed wetlands are man made to help filter pollution from our towns and cities.

Why do we need man-made wetlands?:

Why do we need man-made wetlands? We need man-made wetlands so all the dirty things that go in the drains get into the stormwater that goes to the wetlands. The wetlands filter the stormwater They clean the water by making all the rubbish go to the bottom in the sedimentation ponds before the water goes into the river. The Gross Pollutant Trap also collects a lot of the rubbish to help clean the water.

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What are the sections of a man-made wetland? GPT(Gross Pollutant Trap) Sedimentation ponds Floating islands Storage basin Pumping pool Final storage Then the water returns to the river.

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