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MP3 Sound Stream not only allows you to produce excellent quality streaming audio, the program will also provide you with over a hundred different buttons to attach to that file. This allows for a personalized look and fit for your website.


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MP3 Sound Stream TrainingStreaming Audio Made Easy How to install the software How to use the software How to embed your audio. Tips and tricks

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MP3 Sound Stream Training Download and install your Software Click The Unlock and enter your code Your software is now ready to use If it does not accept with pasting type it in exactly as you see it on the download page.

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MP3 Sound Stream Training Download your free audio editing software. Watch our video tutorial and create your audio Export as a mp3 file. We are now ready to compile our streaming files.

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MP3 Sound Stream Training Click on the browse button and find the mp3 file you just made. Click click the options file and select your options You can also use wav files. The best style mp3 is a 44100 by 96 kbs. Don’t try and compress the file first let the software do it.

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MP3 Sound Stream Web Audio Training Choose where you want the file to go. The best place is in the same folder where you are going to build your webpage The software automatically numbers each production. If you want to rename the file read the help

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MP3 Sound Stream Training Choose how you want the file to perform For maximum performance use the default “Output run by a controller”

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MP3 Sound Stream Training Choose the button style (controller) you want to use 3 more bonus packages of controllers available in the tutorials section of

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MP3 Sound Stream Flash Streaming Training Choose how you would like the audio to play. “D” is the default and supports all browsers. For audio postcards etc then use “F” which will cause the audio to start on page load.

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MP3 Sound Stream Training I tend to leave this at the default. If you use a colored background then play with the colors. Many of the buttons were made by different customers for specific purposes they tend to act differently.

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MP3 Sound Stream Training Turn off the voice! Click ok and click on the green Go button

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MP3 Sound Stream Training Once you click on the go button you will be given the option to keep the mp3 name or if you don’t want any text with the button highlight and delete. You can remove it later. Click OK

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MP3 Sound Stream Training The program will then go through and clean up your audio file. It will then do the normalizing and create the new flash audio and link it to the button. Once it is finished you can launch it in your browser to check, grab the code and paste into a text file.

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MP3 Sound Stream Training I am using Front Page in this instance and the files were saved into this folder. Now open the mp3ss1.htm and you will see the code.

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MP3 Sound Stream Training Copy the code by highlighting it You only want the code between the <p> and </p> You will notice that name we kept when we hit the go button in the bottom. You can choose to keep it or just highlight and remove.

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MP3 Sound Stream Training I like to put some xxxxx on the page to be able to find it easily in the code. Highlight the xxxxx and switch to code view and paste the code we copied in the last slide. It should automatically highlight the x’s in the code.

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MP3 Sound Stream Training We now have audio buttons on our page. Upload your page and the two swf files to your server and your now have a page with streaming audio. You don’t need the mp3ss1.htm any more as we have transferred the code to our webpage.

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MP3 Sound Stream Training In the code you can also add an absolute url so if you want to put the audios in a separate folder on your server. Make sure you change both areas. The top is for IE and the bottom for all other browsers If you want to add the audio to eBay or any other similar system this is how you do it.

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MP3 Sound Stream Training

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