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Zach’s Quality Dog Food is formulated from choice ingredients to provide taste appeal and to thoroughly nourish your dog throughout its lifetime.


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2010 : 

2010 Prepared By: Deborah E. Fuller


ABOUT US Founded in 2003 by Entrepreneur, Texas Oil Worker, avid Pet Lover Mr. Daniel Willis, and named after his 1st Grandson; Zach's is a high quality and 1st African American owned pet food company. Zach’s Quality Dog Food is formulated from choice ingredients to provide taste appeal and to thoroughly nourish your dog throughout its lifetime. With the expertise of nutritionist and veterinarians from around the world, Zach’s has developed a formula that will keep your dog enjoying his or her food, while delivering total canine nutrition. We have naturally preserved Zach’s with mixed Tocopherols, and Citric Acid and Rosemary, to give every kibble of Zach’s its freshness and quality in every bite.

Why ZACHS : 

Why ZACHS Zach’s formula gives your dog the highest quality of proteins from beef meal, lamb meal, chicken meal, fish meal, dried egg and chicken liver meal for proper muscle development and body maintenance. Rice is a nutritious, high quality carbohydrate for providing energy and is excellent for dogs sensitive to corn in their diets. The highest of quality chicken fat provides high levels of Omega-6 fatty acid and flaxseed provides proper balance of Omega-3 fatty acids. Our dog food includes minerals for your dog’s health. All of this with the proper levels of vitamins and minerals added makes Zach’s a complete and balanced diet for adult dogs. This formula contains no added fillers, artificial colors or flavors.

Our Product : 

Our Product Excellent levels of Beef Meal for quality Protein Rice for Easy Digestibility and Carbohydrates Chicken Fat for High Energy and Better Taste Dogs below are fed Zachs!

Testimonies : 

Testimonies Texoma K-9 Training Center LLC Lawton, OK We just wanted to send an email thanking you. We have all our police and personal protection dogs on your food. They love your food. We have had really good results with your food and it is doing well with our clients as well. Our dogs are healthy and their coats are shiny. What else is is there to say...Thanks a lot. Bill Jenkins and Evan Mcelhaney, Owners. Trojanowski Family Abilene, TX Thank you so much not only for you great product, but also the wonderful service you provide. Scout loves the food and we love being able to go on the internet to place the order and it arrives practically before we've hit the final button. We'll be sure to order from you soon!


MANUFACTURING Pied Piper Pet Food Our product is manufactured by Pied Piper. They are constantly looking at new technologies that not only assist with product production costs but increase reliability and quality. Housed in a new state of the art 35,000 sq. foot manufacturing facility is the latest in technological advances Processes are automated to increase production. Certified by the American Insititute of Baking.

Partial Client List : 

Partial Client List Zach's is proud to announce the availability of Zach's Dog Food from Lambert Vet Supply located throughout the country in Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Iowa, Oklahoma. MANN FARM & RANCH, INC. CIRCLE P ROLAND FEED & FARM, INC BRUTON GROCERY UNITED MARKET STREET 560 BASS LIVESTOCK NUTRITION, LLC SALADO CREEK KENNELS

Contact : 

Contact Deborah E. Fuller, VP - Retail Division 678-499-7945

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