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By: dhirendra_sahu84 (125 month(s) ago)

nice presentation....can u sent it to as a ppt format in my

By: dhirendra_sahu84 (125 month(s) ago)

nice presentation....can u sent it to as a ppt format in my

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Roles and Functions of Managers and Supervisors in Rehabilitation Settings : 

Roles and Functions of Managers and Supervisors in Rehabilitation Settings University of St. Augustine – San Diego Prepared by Nicolaas van den Heever 2010

Objectives: : 

Objectives: Compare the roles of management vs. supervision Understand the levels of management in rehab settings Identify common functions of therapy managers and supervisors Identify the needs and importance for planning and understand the roles of the organization’s mission and vision statements

Slide 3: 

Management Plans for future work obligations Organizes employees into functional units Directs employees in the process of completing daily tasks Controls work processes and systems * Requisite Authority Supervision Controls and directs the work of one or more employees to maximize performance and outcomes MANAGEMENT/ SUPERVISON

Report structure/Organizational chart : 

Report structure/Organizational chart

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Management Roles : 

Management Roles

Common Functions of Managers : 

Common Functions of Managers Planning Identify goals, objectives, methods, resources needed Organizing Resources Design workable units, determine line of authority, coordinate units Directing Help set direction of groups and individuals, guide. Controlling Help set policy directions and procedures, performance standards Supervision

Decision-making : 

Decision-making Determine the issue Identify the degree of urgency Collect the data Analyze the data Identify the options Compare alternatives Implement the decision Follow-up

SWOT Analysis: : 

SWOT Analysis: SWOT Template:

The responsibilities or the Rehab Manager include the execution of all these roles: : 

The responsibilities or the Rehab Manager include the execution of all these roles: Staffing management Fiscal management Quality of care Customer service Compliance/competencies Accreditation and Licensing

People: : 

People: Skills, knowledge, and behaviors for building relationships Professional competence Standard managerial knowledge Commitment to represent the staff Consistent Leadership abilities Team builder Accessible Listener Informative to staff Fair Give recognition Know the staff as individuals Create opportunities for staff development

People: : 

People: Hire Orientation and “On-boarding” Job-descriptions Policies and Procedures Competencies 30, 60, 90 day evaluation Annual evaluation Performance management

Fiscal: : 

Fiscal: Annual Budget Monthly Labor – Staffing and productivity Supplies Census/Admissions Growth Marketing Business/Program development

Fiscal: : 

Fiscal: Proactive vs. Reactive approach Buy-in from staff Share the numbers Set expectations Expect accountability “Run it as your own” philosophy

Quality: : 

Quality: Continues survey readiness Performance indicators Compliance Infection control National Patient Safety Goals Core measures Abuse reporting Patient rights Falls prevention; Pain management; Skin integrity; Restraint management

Quality – Core Measures : 

Quality – Core Measures CMS (Medicare) started publicly reporting hospital quality in 2005 which will include process quality data for: Acute Coronary Syndrome (AMI) Heart Failure Pneumonia Surgical Infection (Antibiotics) (Expanded module) CMS plans to link payment to better performance (Higher reimbursement rate for best performers, lower for others)

Slide 18:

Quality – Infection Control : 

Quality – Infection Control EVERYONE is RESPONSIBLE Breaking the chain of infection – HAND WASHING Use of Hand Gel – entering the patient’s room leaving the patient room. patient’s hands. family members No artificial nails Do not work if you: Fever Any open skin lesions/wounds (including dermatitis) Respiratory Symptoms (active cough, runny nose, eyes) GI Symptoms (diarrhea, vomiting) may not return for a minimum of 48 hours Any drainage from eyes Cold sores (oral herpetic lesions)

Quality Management – Reporting : 

Quality Management – Reporting 1) Identify Abuse: Suspected bruising, burns, red marks, welts, broken bones, lacerations, lack of supervision. Withdrawn, quiet, depressed, nervous/afraid being around a certain person, Threatened, sexual abused and neglect CPS 760-863-7210 APS 760-347-8522 2) Reporting Abuse: All employees are mandated reporter to call CPS and APS followed by a written report within 36 hrs.. Put a copy of the CPS/APS report in the patients chart and mail the original to CPS, 23119 Cottonwood Bldg. B Moreno Valley, CA 92553 Report to your supervisor/ physician and if needed, contact Social Services to assist. 3) Incident Reporting: Improve patient safety and quality This will result in the reduction in the number of medical and health care errors Thus - less harm to patients It save lives Also - reduction in National cost for care due to errors Required by: Joint Commission National Patient Safety Goals

Customer service : 

Customer service Who? Departmental culture Process Reporting Back to the basics Training Performance improvement Follow-up Damage control – the sooner the better

Compliance/Competencies : 


Accreditation/Licensing : 

Accreditation/Licensing Continues Survey Readiness: Plant; EOC; Documentation; Clinical Services; Policies; HR; Education; Competencies Title 22 ADA Accessibility Standards Joint Commission State regulations

Success Depends on More than Just Direct Patient Care : 

Success Depends on More than Just Direct Patient Care

One common denominator: : 

One common denominator: The CLIENT

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