EPPAS Updates for Title II Coordinators

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The MN Board of Teaching has provided a series of updates regarding how Title II reporting will be different due to the new needs of EPPAS reporting


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Preparing for EPPAS An Overview for Title II Coordinators August 2013


Program Applications for Initial Program Approval and Continuing Approval will be done within the EPPAS system beginning Fall 2013 Program Performance Data will now be imported directly from the Evaluation Systems Group of Pearson, as entered by providers when reporting for Title II Introduction

Reporting Timeline Overview:

Reporting Timeline Overview Fall: Pre-reporting requirements ( Pearson) The Title II system will open early October and will now be a rolling process with a final due date early February . Pearson will send notification to one primary Title II contact per IHE Data collection worksheet must be completed, including candidate names, DOB, certification areas, completers, enrollees. A new manual will be available on the BOT website when it becomes available Confirm your email system is set up to receive emails from pearson.com

Reporting Timeline Overview:

Reporting Timeline Overview Spring Reporting Requirements (IPRC) Report Section Data Required Data Source Ia Admission Requirements Most recent information IHE Ib Enrollment Academic year 2012-2013 IHE Ic Supervised Clinical Experience Academic year 2012-2013 IHE Id Teachers Prepared Academic Major (2012-2013) IHE     Subject Area (2012-2013) IHE Ie Program Completers Academic year 2012-2013 IHE     Academic year 2011-2012 IHE     Academic year 2010-2011 IHE II Annual Goals Most recent information IHE II Assurances Most recent information IHE III Pass Rates (Assessment and Summary) Academic year 2012-2013 (Program Completers) Pearson     Academic year 2011-2012 (Program Completers) ** Pearson     Academic year2010-2011 (Program Completers) ** Pearson     Academic year 2012-2013 (Enrolled, completed all non-clinical) Pearson     Academic year 2012-2013 (Other enrolled) Pearson IV Low-Performing Most recent information IHE V Use of Technology Most recent information IHE VI Teacher Training Most recent information IHE VII Contextual Information Most recent information IHE VIII Report Card Certification n/a IHE

The Data Collection Worksheet:

The Data Collection Worksheet

Candidate Identification Information:

Code 1 – E nrolled students ( H ave completed all non clinical coursework) Code 2 – Other Enrolled (Have not yet completed non clinical coursework) Code 3 – Program Completer Candidate Identification Information

Change to Identification of MN Program Completers - Code 3:

Those pursuing additional licenses must be reported The following must be included in completer totals REGARDLESS OF PASSING STATUS : Those subject to state testing requirements for their licensure field Those subject to the edTPA requirement as part of their program Those who complete a student teaching placement Change to Identification of MN Program Completers - Code 3

What is Route Type?:

Route Type provides a prompt as to whether the candidate is enrolled or has completed an Undergraduate vs. Graduate l evel program. What is Route Type?

What is Route Code?:

Route Code will not apply to all programs or institutions. This will be a field that is left empty in most cases. Non-conventional and alternative programs will be assigned a code of this type. What is Route Code?

Low Enrollment Programs:

All test score data will appear in EPPAS for programs, including those with less than 10 completers. Low Enrollment Programs

Institution and Program Report Card Reporting System (IPRC):

Review the alignment of answers to those being reported in EPPAS: Entry and exit criteria for the program (not institution) Details regarding supervised c linical experiences A count of program completers for the current year and prior 2 academic years should reflect an unduplicated count. Institution and Program Report Card Reporting System (IPRC)

Annual Goals:

Title II requires reporting of goals for addressing s hortage a reas: Math Science Special Education Limited English Proficiency Goals should also be reported in continuous improvement area of EPPAS. Annual Goals

Teacher Training:

List courses where standards are imbedded that address: Teaching students with disabilities Teaching students who are limited English proficient Teacher Training

Contextual Information:

Standing agreement among MN IHE’s that no attachments with additional information would be provided within this section Please refer questions to your unit leader regarding MACTE’s current policies and/or agreements Contextual Information

Questions? :

Contact Heather Ward – heather.ward@state.mn.us Erin Doan – Erin.Doan@state.mn.us Title II Resources & FAQ located on the BOT website: http://mn.gov/board-of-teaching/preparing-teachers/Title_II / - Quick Start Guide to the IPRC - Minnesota Instruction Manual for Pass R ate D ata C ollection and Reporting Questions?

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Preparing for EPPAS An Overview for Title II Coordinators

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