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Narrations with PowerPoint:

Narrations with PowerPoint An introduction to Voice-Over Narrations with PowerPoint

Why to use voice-over within a PowerPoint :

Why to use voice-over within a PowerPoint Narration can enhance Web-based or self-running presentations . You can also use narration to archive a meeting, so that presenters or absentees can review the presentation later and hear any comments made during the presentation . A recorded presentation can be used to rehearse, and correct mistakes.


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Tips Before Recording:

When you move from one slide to the next, stop talking before you advance the slide Don’t use animation such as flying text or moving critters Other sounds within the PowerPoint will interfere with your voice-over To comply with ADA regulations you must include a transcript of your narration within the PowerPoint Tips Before Recording

Small Beginnings:

Small Beginnings Voice-Over Narrations with PowerPoint

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