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RHETT MILTON Bio: Rhett has been with RP Fitness since the beginning. Some achievements Rhett has to date: Regional ground work submissions champion 2005 Regional rowing winner mens heavyweight coxed +4s Poplar Regatta 2011 Regional sculling winners mens heavy weight quadx4 Nottingham Regatta 2013 International rowing competitor national squad trials 2013/14 Anglian Powerlifting champion 2015 b/w -120 All England Bench Press champion 2015 bw-120 Get in Touch: Training with RMPT means you can expect to get results. Focusing on exercise performance I consistently achieve progression with all my clients. I follow the basic principles of strength training to achieve a variety of development within the fitness continuum. Gaining muscle strength confidence as well as losing fat and tweaking your diet I can guarantee you a positive outcome. It’ll turn heads and have the people in your life taking notice. I practise what I preach staying up to date with the latest research in sports exercise science whilst training and competing. I treat every client individually and I’m passionate about sharing my success experience and education with others to help them achieve in the same way. So if you need motivation a programme or are unsure just want to build your own path to success contact me to book an appointment. Check this at http://rpfitness.co.uk/trainer/rhett-milton/

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