How homeopathy help to treat asthma

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MultiCare Homeopathy Clinic

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2 Homeopathic Oral Medicines Homeopathic Nebulizer IN ACUTE CONDITION OF ASTHMA - Relieves the breathing difficulties effectively and in a short period of time gives releif to the tightness of chest Reduces the wheezing sound Relaxes the bronchial constriction

Lungs and respiratory tract:

Lungs and respiratory tract The respiratory system consist of right and left bronchial tubes called bronchus that supplies to the right and left lungs respectively. Inside the lungs the bronchus are divided and subdivided like the branches of a tree which are called bronchioles. Each bronchiole is ended with air sacs called alveoli where the exchange of gas takes place between the lungs and blood.

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What Triggers Causes of asthma?

healthy bronchiole & asthmatic bronchiole:

healthy bronchiole & asthmatic bronchiole The inner wall of the bronchial tube consist of mucous layer surrounded by smooth muscles layers from inward to outward. In asthmatic condition the inner most mucous layer swell up and the surrounding muscles layers constricts that causes the narrowing of bronchial space.

Asthma triggers factors:

Asthma triggers factors The triggers factors like dusts, pollens, smokes, animal dander, colds, strong emotion, changes in weathers, some medicines, strong smell, exercise, pollution initiates the allergic reaction by which the inner mucosal layer of the bronchial tube swell up that reduces the bronchial inner space and prevents the free air in and out flow and causes difficulties in breathing.

Role of body’s immune system in asthma:

Role of body’s immune system in asthma The triggers factors does not initiates the allergic reaction in every person, but to those person whose immune system is hypersensitive to those triggers.

Role of homeopathy treatment in asthma:

Homeopathy Treatment Role of homeopathy treatment in asthma Homeopathy treatment changes the hypersensitivity nature of immune system of the asthmatic person to a healthy functioning immune system. Thus homeopathy gives a cure to the asthmati 1

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6 B est Homeopathic medicines for asthma include: 1. Ipecac 2. Arsenicum 3. Natrum Sulph 4. Kalicarb 5. Heper sulph 6. Blatta orientalis

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